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A rarity: alkaline luxury skin care with natural cosmetic label

[In collaboration with Lubana] The alkaline-certified natural cosmetics from Lubana nourish skin and hair with high-quality natural ingredients. At the same time, they support the body in regulating acids and bases via the skin. If the acids and bases in the body are in balance, then we feel comfortable in our skin. The basis for a harmonious acid-base balance is a lot of exercise and activity, sufficient relaxation phases, a balanced diet and a well-functioning metabolism. The alkaline-certified, natural cosmetic products from Lubana complete this healthy cycle by supporting the functions of the skin.

The Lubana brand name stands for LUxus BAsen (Alkaline) NAtural Cosmetics. The two managing directors of Lubana, Marita Kraus and Annemarie Klee, are experts in holistic health advice. Their focus lies on regulating the acid-base balance. The skin plays an important role in maintaining the balance of acids and bases. For the two women, this raised the question of holistic skin care that was as natural as possible.

Lubana Certified Natural Alkaline Cosmetics

Interview with Marita Kraus about Natural Cosmetics Certification

What made you choose to have your products certified as natural or organic cosmetics?

Our goal is to offer high quality and luxurious natural cosmetics – without compromise. The certification as natural cosmetics confirms the quality of this claim.

What values do you associate with certification?

Since there is unfortunately no clearly legally regulated definition for natural or organic cosmetics, only a reputable certifier guarantees transparency and verification through controls. It also doesn’t make us look like we are ‘greenwashing’.

Since when have you been certified by whom?

Our basic natural cosmetics have been controlled by EcoControl according to the Natural Cosmetics Standard NCS from the Society for Applied Business Ethics GfaW since 2014.t.

Have your expectations been fulfilled?

Alkaline natural cosmetics is unfortunately still niche product, but in this niche we have made a good name for ourselves as a manufacturer of high quality products.

What do you wish for the future?

For the future, we hope that many more people will discover and appreciate our products.

Lubana Certified Natural Alkaline Cosmetics

Why Alkaline-Certified Natural Cosmetics?

One of the essential functions of healthy skin is the elimination and neutralization of pollutants and excess acids. What could support the skin better than basic and certified natural cosmetics? Of course, this skin care would also have to combine efficient protection and excellent care. It should also be basic skin care that would be as natural as possible. Marita Kraus and Annemarie Klee found no natural cosmetics that could do all of this at the same time. That was the beginning of their vision to develop alkaline certified natural cosmetics themselves: Lubana – the luxury natural cosmetics in the alkaline area.

Alkaline Detox and Nutrition for Radiantly Beautiful Skin

Lubana understands alkaline natural cosmetics as detoxifiers for the skin. The basic value of cosmetics promotes an optimal metabolism. Lubana explains the phenomenon as follows:

The pH value is measured on a scale from 1 to 14. The value 1 stands for “acidic” and 14 for “alkaline”. Neutral is therefore a pH value of 7. The changes in our way of life in the past six decades have led to increased acidification within our bodies, also known as acidosis. The average pH of the skin has shifted from 6.5 to sometimes up to 5 in the last 30 years. However, according to Lubana, the skin of a person with a correct acid-base balance should have a slightly basic pH value. Because the origin of life on earth – the sea water – is alkaline. Babies live in alkaline amniotic fluid for nine months. Our blood has a pH of 7.35 to 7.45.

A balanced skin environment is also slightly alkaline in the understanding of Lubana. The aim of the Lubana natural cosmetic products is therefore to support the skin in creating a slightly alkaline environment. By stimulating the skin’s metabolism, alkaline natural cosmetics become a daily detox for the skin.

What Makes the Alkaline-Certified Natural Cosmetics from Lubana Particularly Valuable?

Organic L-Arginine is responsible for the alkaline value of Lubana natural cosmetics. As the skin’s own moisturizing factor, it also provides elasticity and freshness. The pH value of the alkaline natural cosmetics from Lubana is around 7.6. It is within the correct pH range of our body fluids such as blood, lymph and tears. High-quality, natural ingredients such as argan oil, mango butter and pure rose oil combined with innovative, modern stem cell technology let the alkaline natural cosmetics from Lubana become true luxury cosmetics. The skin is well nourished so that the skin cells survive longer and remain functional. With the exception of three products (night cream and eye fluid contain beeswax and the enzyme peeling colostrum), Lubana natural cosmetics are vegan. 90% of the certified raw materials are sourced from Germany. It is also produced in Germany.

The quality of the alkaline-certified natural cosmetics is confirmed by the label for certified natural cosmetics, NCS, the Society for Applied Business Ethics GfaW.

Lubana Certified Natural Alkaline Cosmetics

The Flower of Life - a Plus of Energy Harmony

Lubana energizes all products with the flower of life. It symbolizes the prototype of life. The flower of life is one of the most important symbols of “sacred geometry” and can be found in the most diverse cultures on earth. Their special structure corresponds to the golden ratio. The flower of life is supposed to build up a vibration field and thus harmonize the cells on an elemental level. The majority of the certified, alkaline natural cosmetics from Lubana are therefore filled in high-quality airless dispensers and provided with the flower of life.

Flower of Live
Flower of Live

More than Cosmetics - Lubana, the Alkaline Skin Care with NCS Natural Cosmetic Seal

The alkaline-certified natural cosmetic products from Lubana combine family knowledge based on long experience with the latest scientific knowledge in skin care.

The alkaline facial care is based on cleaning. Lubana has developed a soft cleansing mousse and a gentle but effective enzyme peel for this purpose. The mild Lubana facial toner does not contain alcohol. It refreshes and even stimulates very sensitive skin. It is the perfect preparation for the basic facial care products.

The delicate moisture gel activates the cell metabolism and preserves the moisture of the skin. As a light care, it is well suited for the hot season. It tends to balance oily and combination skin as well as men’s skin after shaving. For demanding to dry skin, it develops its harmonizing effect when applied under the care cream. 

Intensive regeneration, protection and harmony contributes the Lubana basic day cream, the basic night cream and the basic vitamin E care cream. With its high proportion of antioxidants, the Lubana face mask provides noticeable skin protection, smoothes and balances fine lines. The eye fluid contains stem cells from sea fennel, lemon and jiaogulan, the herb of immortality. It sets one apart in the meaning of catching someone’s eye due to an excellent anti-aging effect.

For alkaline, balanced care of the body, Lubana provides a shower mousse, a body lotion, a cellulite lotion, hand cream, foot lotion and a base bath. Lubana has created certified natural cosmetic products that make holistic luxury palpable for the skin. True to the company motto: “Your largest organ deserves only the best.”

Alkaline-Certified Natural Cosmetics and Social Commitment

Ms. Kraus is a founding member of the Kinder-Palliativ-Hilfe Niederbayern eV. The association takes care of seriously ill children and their relatives, whether inpatient or outpatient. Lubana supports the work of the association with donations. Any support is welcome. Find out how you can help HERE.

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