Anakena certified natural cosmetics in the tradition of the Monoi de Tahiti

Anakena zertifizierte Naturkosmetik in der Tradition des Monoi de Tahiti
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Anakena Cosmos Certified Natural Cosmetics

[In cooperation with Anakena] Anakena – Natural Cosmetics is a young COSMOS natural certified natural cosmetics brand from Germany. Anakena founder Petra Klimscha lives in Munich and on Easter Island. The South Seas inspire her with their magic, traditions and joy of life. With the Anakena natural cosmetic products she brings the tropical flair to Europe for us.

The special flora of French Polynesia is full of secrets. In French Polynesia, the traditional preparation of the precious Monoi oil goes hand in hand with ancient practices for the care of skin and hair

Man’s connection with nature and the careful use of its resources is part of Anakena’s core idea. The products are real all-rounders. They can be used and combined in many different ways.

Anakena takes us into hidden realms where the beauty of the soul is nourished to be reflected on our skin.

© Anakena 


Interview with Petra Klimscha from Anakena on natural cosmetics certification

What motivated you to have your brand certified as natural or organic cosmetics?

An own brand has long been my dream and it was clear to me from the very beginning that this brand would be certified natural cosmetics. Anakena was founded in Chile and has now arrived in Europe as certified natural cosmetics. I am convinced that a natural cosmetics certification is important.
I think it is fundamental to have a link back to the entire supply chain for the raw materials used in my natural cosmetics. For me, high-quality organic raw materials are associated with great values. Anakena finds its place in organic shops and points of sale that deliberately offer environmentally friendly cosmetics for people who value these products and lifestyle.

What values do you associate with certification?

First and foremost safety: Natural cosmetics certification guarantees compliance with a clearly defined standard and thus the high natural cosmetic quality of the products. This is a great relief for end consumers, as well as for retailers or organic trade fair organisers at home and abroad. The regular inspection by an independent certifier, who is uninfluenced by all companies involved in the production and their concerns, saves all resellers and users from having to carry out their own time-consuming inspection of my products. The natural cosmetic quality is immediately clear. This makes all sales processes more efficient. I combine organic certification with ecological awareness, waste avoidance, conscious living and responsible consumption. Of course I also follow this line with my natural cosmetics Indie Brand and in my private life.

Since when and with whom are you certified?

I have chosen the COSMOS label through Ecocert because I hope its recognition value will have an impact on international sales. The products have been certified since their market launch in February 2018.

Have your expectations been fulfilled?

Yes and no. I think there are still some issues to be improved.
What I find particularly pleasant is the elimination of costly additional examinations to be able to participate in organic fairs, for example. The seal makes it much easier to enter qualified organic sales points.

What is your wish for the future of natural cosmetics certification?

Europe should have a single natural and organic cosmetics label. I would like to see a clear natural cosmetics standard that enables natural cosmetics brands to be implemented clearly and efficiently, gives consumers security and makes a clear European statement in relation to other international natural cosmetics markets.

A uniform natural cosmetics label for the European Union would set clear standards and spare consumers confusion.

Petra Klimscha is the founder and managing director of Anakena GmbH & Co. KG.

© Anakena


Moais on Anakena Beach: Natural cosmetics with a link back to the traditions of Easter Island

The certified natural cosmetics line is named after Anakena Beach on Easter Island. It is considered one of the 25 most beautiful beaches in the world. A number of ancient figures carved in stone line its shore. The sculptures known as Moai are a characteristic of Easter Island.

On Easter Sunday 1722, the German navigator Carl Friedrich Behrens and the Dutchman Jakob Roggeveen were the first Europeans to set foot on Easter Island. Almost 300 years later, Petra Klimscha decided to remind us of the island’s original traditions with her new certified natural cosmetics.

An islanders’ proverb says that sharing makes life richer. Anakena’s natural cosmetics embody this idea. The exotic ingredients of French Polynesia and the serene, sensual flair of Easter Island are combined in an inspiring way with the know-how of German natural cosmetic quality.

© Anakena


Natural cosmetics – with a heart from Monoi de Tahiti in tested original quality

The traces of the gently flavoured Monoi de Tahiti oil lead 2000 years back to the indigenous people of Polynesia. James Cook also reported on the medical, cosmetic and ritual use of Monoi oil.
In 1992 a quality seal for traditionally produced Monoi de Tahiti was introduced: the “Appellation of Origin”. The strictly controlled production process includes hand picking the Tiare flowers, placing them in coconut oil for 12 days and letting them steep in coconut oil for 12 days and storing them until they are ready for distribution.

Seal ©”Appellation of Origin”


The original Monoi de Tahiti beguiles with its flowery, delicate, sensual scent of the tiare flower (gardenia tahitensis). Its special care effect for skin and hair is legendary. The Tahitian-made Monoi is the heart of the 4 Anakena products; naturally in “Appellation of Origin” quality. High-quality, exotic ingredients such as roucou oil, mango butter, coconut milk, turmeric, which is well known from Ayurveda, as well as extracts of algae and guava provide the wonderful cocktail of nutrients in Anakena natural cosmetic products.

Less is more: 4 certified natural cosmetic all-rounder products

Anakena – Natural Cosmetics products are natural cosmetic all-rounders. This means that they can fulfil different functions at the same time, depending on your care needs. Used intuitively and creatively, their application possibilities are amazing. Anakena Natural Cosmetics can be used by women and men alike – it is gender neutral.

Anakena Monoi de Tahiti skin and hair oil

Anakena Monoi Oil is one of the few monoi skin and hair oils with a natural cosmetics seal. In addition to the COSMOS Natural seal it has the label “Appellation d’Origine”. Each bottle of Monoi de Tahiti contains a delicately scented Tiare flower. Pure coconut oil has the special feature that it only becomes liquid at a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. If the room temperature is lower, the oil should be warmed up with warm water or stored near the heater before use.

Monoi de Tahiti oil has a whole range of possible applications. It is often used as a facial and body oil, preferably applied sparingly to the still slightly moist skin. On dry skin, it is a good massage oil. A few drops of Monoi oil mixed with the Anakena face cream make the skin care cream slightly richer. This can be very pleasant in winter, for example, or conjure up a nourishing Intenisv Mask for dry and mature skin. One drop as eye wrinkle oil, as make-up remover, for oil-soap cleansing, as oil bath, as hair care oil for hair treatments or as hair tip care: there are no limits to the application possibilities.

© Anakena 


Anakena shower gel skin and hair with coconut milk extract

The Anakena certified natural cosmetics shower shampoo cleans skin and hair with mild washing substances of natural origin. Extracts of guava, algae and coconut milk care and pamper. A special active ingredient ensures that the hair also feels smooth after washing and is easy to comb.  The Anakena Shower Gel is also a gently foaming face wash gel. It can be used for shaving or mixed with finely ground salt, sugar or coffee grounds for exfoliation. Pure as a foam bath or mixed with Monoi care oil as a creamy bath additive, it helps to relax.

Anakena body milk with guava, turmeric, algae and Monoi de Tahiti pineapple

As a certified natural cosmetic, Anakena’s body lotion cares for the skin with valuable Roucou oil, mango butter and fruity Monoi de Tahiti pineapple. Extracts of algae and guava provide a wonderful cocktail of nutrients.  Turmeric crowns this special composition. In Ayurveda it is said to have a balancing effect. The certified natural cosmetic lotion is quickly absorbed. It leaves the skin feeling soft and slightly matt. This is the reason why the body lotion is also convincing as a fine face fluid. Either on its own or as a fluid under the face cream, the lotion provides the skin with extra moisture. As a light leave-in for the hair tips or as care for hands and feet, the Anakena body lotion is also well suited.

Anakena face cream with guava, algae, turmeric, paracress and coenzyme Q10

​The certified natural cosmetic face cream from Anakena is pure luxury for the skin. Its smooth and creamy texture is based on Monoï de Tahiti Roucou and Monoï de Tahiti Natural Papaya. These special oil extracts are considered to be long-kept secret ingredients in Polynesian cosmetic formulas. Their nourishing action is combined with the firming and regenerating action of algae extracts, guava, turmeric and coenzyme Q10. Paracress is known to relax facial expressions and thus smooth wrinkles. The extract also contained, called Gatuline® Expression, is often referred to as Bio-Botox.



Sustainability in natural cosmetics – a matter of course for Anakena

The young natural cosmetics brand Anakena – Natural Cosmetics is certified according to the COSMOS standard by Ecocert Greenlife. Its guidelines include strict requirements for the sustainability of the packaging used, including environmental management.

Anakena natural cosmetics – an oasis in everyday life

Among the islands in everyday life are the times we devote to our personal hygiene. Anakena makes us aware that daily care of the body can also be care for the soul. This is the strength of Anakena certified natural cosmetics.

The Maoi in the logo of the natural cosmetics brand Anakena reminds us of our responsibility – for a loving treatment of our environment and ourselves.

Contact details:

Anakena GmbH & Co. KG
Ulrich-Corti-Str. 10
81249 München

Fon: +49 (0)89/32309601
Mobil: +49 (0)176/28040383
Fax: +49 32221342755

Website and Shop:


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© Anakena

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