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Angel Minerals Vegan Make-Up: Colour Consultation and Mineral Make-Up

The vegan natural cosmetics mineral make-up by Karin Hunkel brings out the natural beauty of every person. But what does holistic-psychological colour consulting have to do with it?

Anyone who looks at the colorful product range can already guess. However, this connection becomes clearly noticeable during application. The individual beauty of each person begins to shine at once. For the dedicated team of the natural cosmetics brand, the pursuit of individual beauty is inextricably linked to the natural beauty of our entire planet. At Angel Minerals, mindfulness, sustainability and naturalness are writ large and lived authentically.

At the beginning, it was not the intention of colour consultant Karin Hunkel to develop her own natural cosmetics brand.

Karin Hunkel from Angel Minerals

Colours, Chakras, Energies And Holistic Mineral Make-Up

The effect of colours and our energy centres

Since 1986 everything revolves around Karin's holistic colour consulting.. The art enthusiast and studied psychologist was interested early in the versatile effect of colors on people. She dealt with the special psychology of colors and their interaction with our chakras. According to classical Ayurvedic teachings, each color has its own energy that resonates with our energy centers.

It wasn't long before Karin had her own, holistic concept of colour consulting developed. She began by helping people find the optimal shades for them. Her holistic way of colour consulting was so well received that Karin started training colour consultants. In the meantime she has published three books about the effect of colours.

In the course of the color consultation, the Question about an optimally compatible and vegan make-up on. It should let the skin breathe, be natural and harmonize with the subtle energies of the colors. Her search led her to mineral make-up, which is vegan by nature. However, in order to apply mineral makeup perfectly, very fine brushes are needed. These special brushes are usually made from the tails of squirrels and offered together with the corresponding make-up. This idea was unbearable for Karin. She decided to make her own mineral make-up for herself and her colour consultants and to offer vegan brushes. Her customers were so enthusiastic about the new mineral make-up that demand virtually exploded.

The foundation of her own brand was the logical consequence of this success. And so, Angel Minerals was founded in 2011.

Angel Minerals developed so rapidly that Karin has been able to dedicate herself exclusively to the further development of her special Mineral Foundations since 2016. She has handed over colour consulting to her colleague Elke Diemar.

Natural Cosmetics Mineral Make-up

Beauty and Skin Care in One

Angel Minerals Colors Types

Mineral make-up is based on mineral ingredients and colour pigments. The finely ground minerals melt into the skin. With Angel Minerals's carefully coordinated color blends, enchanting shades are created that harmonize with the individual skin tone.

A great advantage of the Angel Minerals make-up, especially for very sensitive and troubled skin, is the very good skin compatibility. Many of the minerals contained, such as boron nitrides or silicon, are known for their balancing effect on our skin. In addition, the mineral foundation does not dry out the skin. Natural beauty and skin-caring effect simply belong together at Angel Minerals. Some customers even use the mineral foundation overnight if necessary to benefit from this special care effect.

The mineral-based foundations also do not require any other additives or carriers, such as a base of cream, lotion or fluid. Preservatives are therefore superfluous. On the contrary, the mineral make-up lasts indefinitely.

Angel Minerals mineral-based liquid products, such as the mascara and lipsticks, do not contain palm oil. Aluminium is not used in the products or the packaging. All raw materials are obtained sustainably, without child labour or animal suffering. The packaging is also designed and produced as sustainably as possible. Karin is constantly on the lookout for the latest sustainable solutions.

Angel Minerals vegan make up brushes

No mineral foundation without the perfect brush

The perfect application of Mineral Foundation requires the use of special brushes. It sounds complicated at first, but it's worth it and easy to learn. Karin offers online workshops for this and, together with her team, always gives useful tips in the tutorials on her website and in the social media.

Angel Minerals has special vegan brushes on offer, the Kabuki. Kabuki are optimized to absorb the mineral make-up completely and release it again in a targeted manner. For this, a knife tip of powder is placed in a small bowl. The Kabuki is then moved around in the bowl until the foundation is completely absorbed by the brush. It is then gently applied to the skin in circular motions. A beautiful ritual that gives an amazing result.

Mineral make-up - a question of quality

For Karin it was clear from the beginning that her mineral make-up had to be vegan. Therefore, the products of Angel Minerals carry the Vegan Society Logo. Vegan at Angel Minerals stands for vegan to the last consequence. Even the brushes must therefore pass the strict test of the Vegan Society. - to the glue that holds the fine brush hairs together. At the same time, Karin focuses on natural quality. All Angel Minerals products are certified natural cosmetics. In the following interview Karin Hunkel, the founder and CEO of Angel Minerals, tells us what she thinks about natural cosmetics certification.
Retro and Kabuki for natural mineral foundation

INTERVIEW - You offer certified natural cosmetics - for what reasons?

What motivated you to have your products certified as natural cosmetics or organic cosmetics?

Because I myself always pay attention to certificates for natural cosmetic products. ...I'd watch it. Therefore, it was logical to me from the beginning. However, it was very difficult for me to find the "right" seal.

What values do you associate with certification?

The natural cosmetics certification stands for honesty, transparency, good raw materials and high responsibility of the raw material suppliers.

Since when have you been certified with whom?

Since the beginning (2011) with ICADA and Vegan Society.

Have your expectations been fulfilled?

No, unfortunately not. ICADA is still too little known . Unfortunately, only my retail customers are interested in certificates. The online customers don't care. They mainly react to horror stories about, for example, titanium dioxide, parabens, heavy metals, etc… Everything else doesn't interest them.

What do you wish for the future?

More information about ingredients and a stronger accompanying presence in the "social media", as well as a representative, modern website of the natural cosmetics standards that inspires confidence in customers (end consumers). Sync and corrected by dr.jackson for comes across.

Mineral Foundation - The Secret Recipe For A Naturally Beautiful And Even Complexion

Angel Minerals Complexion

Angel Minerals foundations give the complexion a natural tone and make it appear more even. Choose from neutral, yellow and rose shades.

From light coverage to HD-ready coverage, all requirements can be met.

The classic Mineral Foundations provide a good foundation, the intensity of which can be influenced by the application. If more coverage is desired, the foundations from the INTENSE and SPECIAL lines are ideal. Concealers in classic and HD quality help to conceal redness and blemishes. Natural freshness of the skin is brought up by several blush tones.

Mineral Make-Up for Cheeks, Lips And Eyes

Angel Minerals eye shadows are based on mineral pigments. Pressed or loose, matte or glossy, the choice is huge! Karin’s expert advice on colour types makes the decision much easier, even online. There are no limits to creativity here – the possible applications are almost unlimited.

The Mascara by Angel Minerals provides lush volume. Nevertheless, it can easily be removed with water.

The delicate skin of the lips loves the protection and care of natural waxes and plant oils. That’s why Angel Minerals offers lipsticks and practical Mini-Lips in little jars.

Angel Minerals GreyOFF

The Clever Innovation: Grey Off® Minerals And How Grey Hair Roots Disappear Quickly

Beautify gray and white hair with vegetable dyes fun and nourishes the hair. But recoloring approaches remains a challenging task or has to wait until the next visit to the hairdresser. How nice would it be to have a quick solution for special occasions or stressful times? Angel Minerals has the answer: the GREY OFF Minerals!

Distracting roots and thinning hair can be “powdered away”, naturally and effectively, between hairdresser visits with GREY OFF. The frequency of the necessary recolouring of the roots can also be easily reduced with this ground-breaking innovation from Angel Minerals.

The mineral pigments blend in perfectly, adhere well and are easy to comb out again. As certified natural cosmetics, they do not irritate the scalp or hair.

Natural Beauty from the Heart: Angel Minerals

Angel Minerals by Karin Hunkel is the embodiment of a consciously sustainable natural cosmetics brand balanced on the fulcrum of natural beauty. Applied with the right tools, Angel Minerals make-up is extremely economical. Made in Germany, these products are a clear choice for a sensible and sustainable purchase that pays off in the long run: good for people and the environment alike. 

Kabuki Brush with Synthetic Hair for Mineral Foundation
Angel Minerals Kabuki Brush for Mineral Foundation
22.50  incl. VAT
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Vegan Mindeal Foundation by Angel Minerals
Angel Minerals Vegan Foundation Intense 5g Plastic Free Packaging
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