With Lesya the natural hairdresser

[unpaid advertising with 💚] How I came to Lesya, the natural hairdresser in Berlin.
In the middle of beautiful Prenzlauer Berg, at Rykestraße 48 in Berlin, Lesya cuts hair in a relaxed way and with a lot of heart. Lesya is a natural hairdresser with heart and soul. And she has a feeling for what your hair needs...

After a year and a half of hairdresser abstinence, my spontaneous search brought me to Lesya. It was clearly time for a little more order - this time on my head;-)

The large natural hair salons in Berlin were also an option, but somehow I was drawn further. When I then came to Lesya's - natural hairdresser in Berlin - page and saw the Sanoll hair care, the decision was made. 

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A spontaneous call - appointment shortly after and off we go! In Prenzlauer Berg the sun is shining, the cafes and many of the shops have recently started running in slow motion again. Relaxed. In between the salon Melisa Maaser, in which Lesya has been Natural hairdresser ...has rented a place with us. 
Lesya is happy that she is finally allowed to work again. Not being allowed to cut hair for three months was very hard for her to bear.
We discuss my wishes and ideas while she examines my hair. Afterwards she combs my hair with a
Natural hair brush quite relaxes the hair and massages the scalp. That alone would have been worth a visit. My scalp is in a state of rapture. 

This is followed by a gentle hair wash with diluted Organic shampoo from Sanoll and a Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse. Lesya recommends one tablespoon to one liter of water. While we chat relaxed, Lesya combs, cuts and pulls my hair skillfully into shape. 
With the warm temperatures, it's already starting to dry and curl - and it's quite shiny. 

A look in the mirror confirms it: my natural curls sit completely unconstrained and fall perfectly again! I have not felt so comfortable with my hair for a long time. And even five days later everything still sits perfectly and feels good.

My conclusion: Lesya is clearly my recommendation, - if you feel like a beautiful, relaxed and type-appropriate Hairdresser visit have - all in nature

More about Lesya's offer as Natural hairdresser in Berlin can be found on your website: https://naturfriseur-berlin.de