Aurum Africa Certified Organic Cosmetics – the Liquid Gold of Africa

Aurum Africa COSMOS Organic Certified Cosmetics with Marula


Aurum Africa Certified Organic Cosmetics

[Cooperation with Aurum Africa] Aurum Africa's certified natural cosmetics is the Encounter with the cradle of mankind. The knowledge of what has been used for thousands of years in the heart of Africa as protection and natural nourishment for skin and hair lives on in the products of Aurum Africa. "Aurum" means "gold" in Latin. Aurum Africa's liquid gold are vegetable oils from the nuts of the marula and mongongo trees, which are grown in Namibia after traditional methods are extracted. These precious oils are the basis of fair-trade, sustainably produced and certified natural cosmetics.

Natural cosmetic products from Aurum Africa

Interview with Udo Reinhardt from Aurum Africa about natural cosmetics Certification

What motivated you to have your products certified as natural cosmetics or organic cosmetics?

There were certainly two main reasons that led to the certification of our products as organic cosmetics. The first is related to our -(by "our" I always mean my Italian business partner Leandro as well) - conviction that it is especially in the field of cosmetics there are far too many products and brands that do not even remotely care about the quality and the effect (-or should we rather say, the danger for skin and organism-) of their products. We wanted to counter this with the clear statement "Our products are put through their paces".

The second main motivation for organic certification of Aurum Africa certified natural cosmetics is simply an economic one. If you are a small start-up in this segment and want to get even a hint of a foot in the door of the relevant retailers, certification is indispensable. Not to mention, for example, the opportunity to exhibit at Vivaness in Nuremberg or other natural cosmetics events. If I'm honest, this "certification compulsion", especially with our pure, cold-pressed skin oils deeply resisted me. I didn't see what could happen to a wild marula tree in the African savannah. But in the end we had to submit ourselves to the market dictate bend.

What values do you associate with certification?

Trust is the basic

The first and certainly most important value is "trust". We work with an Italian formulator who has been running his own natural cosmetics company for many years. From the very beginning it was clear that we would only use ingredients that would withstand organic cosmetics certification without any problems. As a further value we are committed to the common good. We want to do something good for the community in the purest sense of the word. And that means both the communities in Namibia and Zimbabwe, from which we get the oils, and the community here, which we also want to do something good through our certified natural cosmetics.

Fairness should be a matter of course

Not directly related to certification, but one of the most important values in our thinking is fairness. Fairness especially towards the local people is indispensable in a trade and production chain that is not designed to maximize profits, but rather to ensure adequate coexistence. Directly linked to this are the values Recognition and respect, without which honest work with each other is not possible.

The Knowing situations in the countries personally is imperativein order to honour their work accordingly. Last but not least, I would like to bring into play the term - which, unfortunately, is now incredibly overused - sustainability, which crops up in every other policy substitute. And because I can no longer hear the term gradually, I rename it and call this value "Ecological value consciousness"- because without it, given the already tense situation on "our" planet, we won't get very far for very long.

Conscious consumption in focus

We all, both producers and consumers, need to become more and more aware of what we buy, from whom, and why. And when I consider in this context that natural cosmetics account for just 9.x% of the cosmetics market, I get scared and anxious. Because that means in the reverse conclusion that after we still more than 90% of the manufacturers are either playing tricks with us or with "our" environment, (-like also both-)! And this will not be very different in many other segments...just think of fair trade.

Since when have you been certified with whom?

Aurum Africa certified natural cosmetics is since May 2018 at Ecocert certified organic according to the Cosmos Standard.

Have your expectations been fulfilled?

Partly, but by far not all of our expectations have been fulfilled. One of our expectations was, of course, that the organic shops of the republic would be all over us, because you are now finally "allowed" to buy our certified organic cosmetics and also the pure oils from us. This has not really come true yet. The fact that our oils, which we sell in larger containers, are now also certified organic, certainly helps to make mass.

What do you wish for the future?

I wish we could find a good way into retail. Maybe also someone who takes us by the hand and shows us possibilities how we can achieve a higher area coverage with our modest means and without field service without losing our complete margin. In general, I wish for the future that at least the rational part of humanity starts to raise its voice a little louder - so that we all succeed in handing over "our" planet in a condition that enables future generations to continue living in harmony with nature.

Udo Reinhardt is Managing Director of Aurum Africa GmbH.

Aurum Africa Steppe

Pure Gold on the Skin: Aurum Africas Valuable Vegetable Oils from Namibia

Aurum Africa Organic Marula Oil - Certified Natural Cosmetics with COSMOS Organic seal

The up to 20 meters high, stately Marula trees have been part of life in the southern part of Africa since time immemorial. Their versatile use can be seen in the most diverse areas of life. The Marula tree with its fruits is not only the favorite of elephants, but also symbolizes fertility as a wedding tree. Its distinctive Resistance to the dry climate is striking. Marula trees are considered the kings of African trees.

The oil extracted from its seeds shimmers golden and feels light and soft on the skin. The cold pressed organic marula oil from Aurum Africa protects skin and hair through the high content of antioxidants, amino acids and flavonoids. Its Vitamin E-content stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin. Since the organic marula oil is very many essential fatty acids it is very popular as a balancing care oil for irritated skin.

The organic marula oil is certified natural cosmetics, protects the skin sustainably and increases your elasticity and resilience in a natural way. Fascinating is its property to have a balancing effect on the most diverse skin conditions. Thus, the needs of dry skin as well as oily skin or combination skin can be optimally balanced.

Aurum Africa woman with marula tree

Aurum Africa Natural Mongongo Oil

The precious, somewhat richer Mongongo oil has only recently joined the organic Marula oil at Aurum Africa. Mongongo oil will also soon be certified natural cosmetics. Its COSMOS certification is in the works. The Mongongo tree is an endemic representative of the savannahs and dry areas between Namibia, Botswana and South Africa. It too grows up to 20 metres tall. It does not bear fruit until it is 25 years old. Its nuts are a popular speciality in the Kalahari. The oil extracted from them is a nutrient-rich food. For the care and protection of the skin from the dry desert climate is the Mongongo oil, also called Manketti oil, a classic with a very long tradition.

The strength of Mongongo oil is its ability, Protect skin and hair from external adversity. Despite its pronounced protective effect, Mongongo oil has a pleasantly light consistency. It literally melts into the skin. Alpha-linolenic acid, oleic acid, vitamins and minerals. This complexity makes it a valued anti-aging skincare oil.

Aurum Africa Natural Baobab Oil

The natural one, cold pressed Baobab oil of Aurum Africa waits with a particularly high content of omega 9, 6 and 3 fatty acids on. Since it is also high linoleic it is often used to strengthen the skin and restore elasticity, such as in the case of Stretch marks. Baobab oil has an intensively regenerating effect for skin and hair. The certification as natural cosmetics is still in progress.


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“The Big Five” – the Synergy of Five Luxury Care Products in a Natural Cosmetics Line

The two "The Big Five" Aurum Africa natural cosmetic products are a tribute to the "big five of Africa". Meant are the five most famous representatives of the African big game. Aurum Africa combines its "Big Five" of the most important skin care substances in the natural cosmetics of the same name: Organic marula, baobab, shea butter, aloe vera and avocado. They are kept company by almond and olive oil, and moringa.

The COSMOS Organic certified natural cosmetics "Big Five" face cream is a quickly absorbed Anti-Aging Allround Face Care. It can be used during the day and / or night as needed and can be well complemented with the Aurum Africa oils. The "Big Five" body lotion complements the certified natural cosmetics face cream as a light lotion for the whole body. Its natural cosmetics certification is still in process.


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Fair Trade + Fair Economy = Aurum Africa

Aurum Africa stands for fair trade and fair prices. Aurum Africa goes one step further than the usual "Fair Trade" beyond. Aurum Africa pursues fair business in the overarching sense. This means that, in addition to fair prices, the Shaping a healthy local economy is supported. The exchange at eye level is fundamental here.

Aurum Africa has carefully selected its partners in Namibia, knows all those involved personally and regularly visits the harvesting region. About 5000 women from rural communities make the production of Marula oil possible. Qualified and fairly paid staff is a matter of course for Aurum Africa. Fair cooperation means helping the small farmers to achieve an improved standard of living. To ensure that as much of the profit as possible remains in the country, Aurum Africa does without middlemen.

Aurum Africa Certified Natural Cosmetics: a Combination of the Hearts of Africa and Europe

Aurum Africa GmbH is the joint project of two companies with many years of experience in fair trade with African countries: Cetacea Service srl from Italy and GAFPRO from Germany. Both feel deeply connected to the people, traditions and culture of Southern Africa, especially Namibia. GAFPRO is a founding member of the Fair-Band (Bundesverband für fairen Import und Vertrieb e.V.). Aurum Africas natural cosmetics embody in a contemporary way the traditional knowledge of Southern Africa and the sense of our original belonging to nature. At the same time, Aurum Africa shows what it can look like to actively take responsibility for ourselves and our environment.

Aurum Africa man

Aurum Africa Certified Natural Cosmetics: DIY Tips for Organic Marula Oil

The organic marula oil is an all-arounder: incosmetic for face and body care as well as in hair care:

  • For the care of the face and décolleté in the morning and/or evening, heat a few drops of marula oil in your hands and massage gently into the skin, while it is still slightly moist.
  • As body oil, massage directly onto damp skin after showering.
  • For beautiful, shiny hair, massage the organic marula oil into the scalp before going to bed and then Lleave on overnight with the head wrapped in a towel
  • as a care for the ends of hair, knead very sparingly into the ends as needed: in the wet ends after hair-washing or in the dry ends in between washings.


Aurum Africa GmbH
Mettenöschstr. 32
72336 Balingen
Phone: 07433/381273
Fax: 07433/381262

Aurum Africa GmbH is represented by: Managing Director Udo Reinhardt; Managing Director Augusto Stanzani

For B2B, the vegetable oils can also be requested in bulk sizes.

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