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Dermamimetic® – Bionic Certified Organic Cosmetics from Swiss

COSMOS Organic - bionic certified natural cosmetics, which conjures up a protective shield on the skin and is so fine that it immediately bonds symbiotically with the skin - is that possible? Swiss Bionic says yes! The proof follows in the form of its own bionic brand and a patented basic formula, DermaMimetic®. The secret of the special effect of this organic cosmetic lies in the Swiss Bionic Cosmetics developed by Swiss Bionic Cosmetics, which, thanks to its lamellar matrix structure, does not require any emulsifiers at all. Swiss Bionic Cosmetics uses a specially developed ultrasound technology for its production. The very fine emulsion produced in this way is registered as a patent under the name "DermaMimetic®".
bionic certified organic cosmetics

DermaMimetic® - bionic certified natural cosmetics with a focus on biotechnology

Natural and pure: bionic organic cosmetics

The company Swiss Bionic Cosmetics was founded in Switzerland in July 2017. It has also been based in Germany for a year. As the "Bionic" in the name already suggests, the Bio-technology the heart of the brand owner. Based on the bionic teachings, the company develops deep-acting and highly effective biocosmetics.

DermaMimetic® - the Intersection of Certified Organic Cosmetics and the latest Biotechnology

DermaMimetic®: the bionic intelligence of modern cosmetics

The model for Swiss Bionic Cosmetics the cosmetics of Swiss Bionic Cosmetics is the skin in its natural state. By nature, our skin has a lamellar structurewhich protects them from damaging environmental influences, but at the same time allows the absorption of moisture. The lamellar structure of the lipids of the skin acts like a protective membrane. The focus of the Swiss biotechnologists was therefore on developing a skin care product that replicates this lamellar structure of skin fat. It should not have the droplet-like texture typical of most creams. The The result of many years of research is a particularly fine emulsion with a lamellar matrix structure that does not require any emulsifiers at all.. Highly purified lecithin becomes the link between oil- and water-soluble components of the emulsion through the use of ultrasonic technology. Cavitation forces are at the heart of DermaMimetic® research. With their help, so much energy is incorporated into emulsions until the highly purified lecithin becomes bipolar and thus the emulsion forms a lamellar matrix structure. Micro-turbulence ensures an ultra-fine and even distribution of the incorporated raw materials. In the final processing step, crystallization, the lamellar matrix structure solidifies. Active ingredients such as edelweiss or algae extracts are firmly integrated into the structure, virtually "encapsulated". The DermaMimetic® emulsion has a membrane structure, almost "a copy of the skin". It is so similar to skin oil that it is immediately absorbed by the upper layers of the skin, along with the extracts. At the same time, the deep-acting emulsion forms a breathable protective shield and stimulates the skin's regenerative power with the help of the embedded anti-oxidative extracts.
bionic certified organic cosmetics

DermaMimetic® bionic certified natural cosmetics

Dermamimetic can be translated as "mimics the skin".

The lamellar DermaMimetic® base cream is rich and is very well absorbed by the skin. In combination with amino acids and hyaluron it is perfectly suitable for the care of dry and mature skin. In case of skin problems, such as atopic dermatitis, individually adjusted active agents can be added by the treating physician, for example omega acids, urea or special amides. The lamellar DermaMimetic® BasisCreme is rich and very well absorbed by the skin. In combination with amino acids and hyaluron it is perfectly suitable for the care of dry and mature skin. For skin problems such as atopic dermatitis, individually tailored active ingredients can be added by the treating physician, for example omega acids, urea or special amides.

The DermaMimetic® bionic certified natural cosmetics are currently used as a basic formulation. of Ecocert bio-zetrified according to COSMOS. The emulsion has a low allergy potential, which makes it very well tolerated, even by extremely sensitive skin.

Even a small amount of the respective bionic emulsion is sufficient for the optimal care effect. The challenge for a user is not to apply too much, simply out of habit!

“Less is more” here, in the truest sense of the phrase.

bionic certified organic cosmetics

Bionic certified natural cosmetics: development, contract manufacturing and white label

As flexible and unique as each customer

With bionic certified natural cosmetics from Swiss Bionic Cosmetics, everything revolves around the customer and his vision of his own natural cosmetics brand in an uncomplicated way.

The The focus is on the contract manufacturing of natural cosmetics and bionic organic cosmetics.. In this area SBC offers White Label Solutions, which professional development of recipes according to customer requirementsas well as filling, labelling and logistics up to full service.

The patented DermaMimetic® emulsion is also available as a white label. For individual customers, its basic formulation can be supplemented with individually desired active ingredients, such as algae extracts, edelweiss or horsetail, low-molecular hyaluron or various vitamins in conformity with natural and organic cosmetic standards. Thus, all skin care solutions—from highly efficient and certified anti-aging organic cosmetics to sun protection and special care for acne—can be implemented.

White label orders have an order minimum of 10 litres for basic products. For customized creations, an order volume of 120 litres is optimal.

SBC - the Bionic Organic Cosmetics Brand

Modern organic cosmetics with a medical claim

In addition to the comprehensive service as a contract manufacturer in the B2B sector, Swiss Bionic Cosmetics has its own COSMOS organic certified cosmetics on the market. The anti-aging organic cosmetics are based on the DermaMimetic® emulsion in combination with valuable, plant-based active ingredients. One of the main active ingredients is the extract of edelweiss, an effective anti-aging building blockI that acts against free radicals and prevents the breakdown of hyaluron in the skin. Horsetail, with its high silicon content, stimulates collagen production. Pentavitin is the natural cosmetic answer to D-panthenol. Shea butter and highly purified lechitin protect the skin barrier and provide suppleness. Crystal clear glacier water, tapped at the foot of the Glarus Alps, rounds off the special formulas. Here you will find an overview of the special features of the individual products:

Swiss Bionic Cosmetics Products

Day Rich Anti-Aging Cream

This intensive day cream delays age-related skin changes thanks to the original Swiss Edelweiss extract. Highly effective algae extracts help to restore the collagen structure and activate cell renewal. The special, deep-acting and highly concentrated hyaluron gives the skin new elasticity and resilience. BIO jojoba oil, rich in minerals and vitamins, ensures pleasant suppleness. The rich texture of this day cream is very suitable for dry and mature skin. It is certified by Ecocert according to the COSMOS Organic Standard.

Edelweiss Serum Anti-Aging

The vegan freshness kick for any skin in need of a rest! Antioxidant stress and harmful free radicals are allowed to go. This is ensured by the valuable original Swiss Edelweiss extract in combination with highly effective algae extracts. The highly concentrated hyaluron cocktail with deep action is responsible for the plus in cell regeneration, elasticity and resilience of the skin. The icing on the cake for this special freshness serum is Alpine glacier water. As a high-quality base, it keeps the moisture in the upper layers of the skin for a long time. The serum is certified by Ecocert according to the COSMOS Organic Standard.

Night Repair Anti-Aging Cream

This is how anti-aging goes "Swiss"! Thanks to the original Swiss Edelweiss extract, the formation of harmful free radicals on the skin is prevented. Silicon rich horsetail tightens in a natural way. At the same time, skin moisture and the development of healthy connective tissue are promoted. High-quality algae extracts support natural skin regeneration overnight and thus activate cell renewal. Deeply effective and highly concentrated hyaluron gives the skin new elasticity and resilience. 
The vegan night cream is certified by Ecocert according to the COSMOS Organic Standard.

Baby Cream Protective Lamellar Cream

Certified organic by Ecocert according to the COSMOS Organic Standard, it gently and naturally soothes and cares for your baby’s delicate skin. Organic aloe vera, original Swiss edelweiss and algae extracts provide moisture. Together with valuable organic vegetable oils, they support the skin’s resistance. A sore bottom and nappy dermatitis hardly stand a chance.

Swiss Bionic Cosmetics Products
Swiss Bionic Cosmetics Products

Skin Rescue Regenerative Lamellar Cream

This vegan, COSMOS organic certified lamellar cream is the saviour for stressed, quickly irritated and problematic skin. Its skin-like lamellar cream texture helps skin regain its balance. Original Swiss edelweiss, horsetail extracts combined with active algal ingredients from the Atlantic Ocean support the natural regeneration process. The skin is supplied with abundant moisture. It can recover and regain its resistance.

Clear & Rescue Anti-Pimple Cream

Swiss Bionic Cosmetics’ answer to blemished skin! Thanks to the balancing wintergreen oil, this cream is highly effective against acne, pimples, and blackheads. At the same time, it does not dry out the skin, but gently nourishes it with aloe vera and vitamin-rich jojoba.

Interview with Mr. Biesold from Swiss Bionic Cosmetics on Natural & Organic Cosmetics Certification

What prompted you to have your service and your own brand certified as natural cosmetics or organic cosmetics?

As a newcomer, the certification offers us the opportunity to have our products certified as organic cosmetics by a neutral party. Their certification conveys a seal of quality that stands for sustainability and that is well-known by everyone.

Since when have you been certified with whom?

We have been certified by Ecocert according to the Cosmos Standard COSMOS Organic V3.1 since 2017.

What values do you associate with certification?

We associate the following values with the certification: 

  • Product development for the benefit of the customer
  • Processing of natural raw materials
  • No processing of nanoparticles, parabens or similar raw materials that are harmful to humans
  • Use of GMO-free substances and no animal testing.

Have your expectations been fulfilled?

Our expectation at the beginning was that people would understand our DermaMimetic® system and perhaps try it out of curiosity.

Unfortunately, our expectation has not quite been fulfilled. Because the topic of “lamellar matrix structure” cannot be explained in one sentence it is, consequently, simply too complicated. Recent presentations that have used phrases such as “copy of the skin” or “emulates the skin” are immediately understandable and are reflected in the sales figures.

What do you wish for the future?

Our vision is that soon many more people will understand the potential our DermaMimetic® offers.

Organic day cream without emulsifiers and with edelweiss
Swiss Bionic Cosmetics DermaMimetic Organic Day Cream 50ml
49.90  incl. VAT
This organic day cream stands out due to its unique, completely new emulsion...
All-round hyaluronic serum with lots of moisture with edelweiss
Swiss Bionic Cosmetics Hyaluronic Serum 50ml
49.90  incl. VAT
The vegan organic freshness kick for any skin in need of a rest! Antioxidant stress...

Organic Certified Emulsion with lamellar Matrix Structure is a Ground Breaking Innovation

The development of an emulsion with a lamellar matrix structure is a groundbreaking innovation in organic cosmetics and medical skin care. It makes it possible to produce skin care products at the highest organic level: without emulsifiers and preservatives, and in accordance with the specifications of the strictest standards for natural and organic cosmetics.

SBC Cosmetic AG
Am Sonnenrain 9a
79539 Lörrach

SBC Cosmetic AG,
Rüchligweg 101,
4125 Riehen Basel

Mail: Joachim.biesold[at]
Phone: +49 7621 422 68 97
Mobile: +49 170 702 96 87
Mobile: +41 76 326 35 45

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