JUST CHANGE Natural Cosmetics

We at JUST CHANGE are a young start-up consisting of the founder Laura and her partner Luka. Our goal is truly sustainable and yet modern

Havana Curls Haircare

The Havana Curls COSMOS Organic Haircare is made from the “curl whisperers” of Havana Curls. They have a profound knowledge of the special hair


As the state economic development of Peru, PROMPERU is the central point of contact for all companies interested in Peruvian products. We are happy to

Healthy Pleasures Agency

Healthy Pleasures is a Sales & Communications agency acting in the world of Clean Beauty, natural skincare, cosmeceuticals, nutraceuticals, perfume, beauty elixirs and functional

Oceanwell Certified Natural Cosmetics

Oceanwell Certified Natural Cosmetics is a NATRUE certified cosmetics brand, developed by Kiel sea biologists and offers an special idea of modern and sustainable marine

GfaW, the Society for Applied Business Ethics

Sustainability along with the Highest Possible Naturalness are becoming Verifiable and Visible Sustainable management can be defined, measured and checked. GfaW, the Society for Applied

Lubana Luxury Alkaline Natural Cosmetics

Lubana Luxury Alkaline NCS certified Natural Cosmetics nourishes skin and hair with high-quality natural ingredients and supports the body in regulating acids and bases via

Anakena Natural Cosmetics

Anakena – Natural Cosmetics is a young COSMOS natural certified natural cosmetics brand from Germany. Anakena founder Petra Klimscha lives in Munich and on Easter

Aurum Africa Natural Cosmetics

Aurum Africa Organic Oils such as Marula are also known as the Liquid Gold of Africa. Aurum Africa’s COSMOS certified organic cosmetic products can be understood

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