The Liquid Gold of Africa


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COSMOS Organic & Natural


Aurum Africa Organic Oils such as Marula are also known as the Liquid Gold of Africa.

Aurum Africa’s COSMOS certified organic cosmetic products can be understood as encounter with the cradle of humankind. The information of what has been utilized for thousands of years from the heart of Africa as security and natural foods for hair and skin day-to-day lives on in the merchandise of Aurum Africa. “Aurum” in Latin means “gold”. Aurum Africa’s power of  natural cosmetics emanates from organic fats through the nuts of Marula and Mongongo trees and shrubs, which can be obtained in Namibia according to traditional methods. These valuable skin oils are sustainably sourced and organic certified.

Up to 20 m high, stately Marula bushes happen to be element of existence in the southern area of Africa given that time immemorial. Their adaptability is demonstrated inside the most diverse regions of daily life. The Marula tree’s fruits is not only a well liked of elephants, and also symbolizes infertility as a wedding party plant. Its noticeable resistance to the dry weather conditions. Marula bushes are seen as the kings of the African trees.

Aurum Africa’s liquid gold comes from vegetable oils from the nuts of the Marula and Mongongo trees, which are obtained in Namibia according to traditional methods. These precious oils are the basis of fair trade, sustainably produced and certified natural and organic cosmetics.

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