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oceanBASIS GmbH, Tiessenkai 12, D- 24159 Kiel, Germany




Oceanwell Certified Natural Cosmetics is a NATRUE certified cosmetics brand, developed by Kiel sea biologists and offers an special idea of modern and sustainable marine cosmetics.

Unique sea substances and sustainably developed algae are definitely the heart of Oceanwell. Inside the in-home, biography-licensed farm, the brownish algae Saccharina latissima, also known as sugars kelp, is developed within the Baltic Seas. The valuable bioactive ingredients on this laminaria algae, for example polyphenols and vitamin supplements, are gently extracted. The marine algae are developed by the underwater biologists themselves. The brownish algae provide a cocktail of highly effective lively substances, which fully unfolds inside the natural cosmetic products of Oceanwell Certified Natural Cosmetics. Maintained by substantial-high quality, natural resources like jojoba, aloe-vera and shea butter, it stimulates the skin’s regenerative power. Simultaneously, the influence of enviromentally friendly influences is lessened.
Oceanwell created the initiative “Protect the Ocean” with several sustainable projects. Read more about this in the detailed introduction.

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