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As the state economic development of Peru, PROMPERU is the central point of contact for all companies interested in Peruvian products. We are happy to support you in discovering new raw materials and identifying suitable suppliers.

Peru is one of the countries with the greatest biodiversity in the world, with a large number of ecosystems and a diverse flora and fauna. This wealth has made Peru one of the world’s leading suppliers to the food industry. Inexhaustible ones can be found throughout the Amazon, in the Andes and even in the deserts Sources of fruits, plants and vegetables that grow there in harmony with nature.

These conditions make Peru a global supplier of superfoods: foods that are so nutritious and beneficial to health that they have also revolutionized the natural cosmetics industry. Peru offers a whole range of ingredients for the manufacture of products that protect and beautify our skin and hair. These ingredients come from nature and are obtained from the agricultural sector through environmentally friendly, sustainable and responsible processes and high quality standards Production won.

We invite you to discover the most important natural ingredients from Peru, their properties and uses. Do you have any questions or can we support you? Feel free to contact us or follow us on social media.

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