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DesOlive is all about extra virgin olive oil and organic certified olive oil cosmetics.

Désirée Ditterich and Louisa Hentschel, an aunt and niece, grew up farming and found their common vocation in the Maremma. Since 2004, they have been cultivating high-quality olive oil there according to all the rules of the art. Certification of the organic quality of their olive oil will soon be in their hands in black and white. Their olive oil cosmetics are already certified organic. So far, they have been using the organic olive oil sourced from a friendly neighbor.

In the following interview, Désirée and Louisa tell us why they have had their special olive oil cosmetics certified organic.

Desolive Organic certified Olive Oil extra virgin and Cosmetics

Interview with Désirée and Louisa on the Natural Cosmetics Certification of DesOlive

What motivated you to have your products certified as natural or organic cosmetics?

The certification gives our organic cosmetics credibility. It means that we meet our customers’ high the quality of our products. At the same time, we ground the trust placed in us on a solid basis. It is important to us that the organic quality of our olive oil cosmetics is regularly tested and confirmed.

The entire production process is monitored throughout to guarantee compliance with NATRUE and Austria-Bio rules.”This gives both our customers and us a sense of security. Thanks to the organic cosmetics certification, we can say with a clear conscience that we offer organic cosmetics. Without a doubt.

What values do you place certification?

As entrepreneurs, it is natural for us to take responsibility and act in a socially conscious way. We see certification as part of sustainability. For us, honesty, and seriousness, as well as responsibility towards the environment and our customers, are very linked to natural and organic cosmetics certification.

Since when have you been certified by whom?

Certification has been part of our olive oil cosmetics’ objective from the very beginning. We have been on the market since 2017 and have been Austria-Bio certified since then. We are discontinuing the NATRUE certification and have been certified by A.NAT.Cert since 2020.

Have your expectations been fulfilled?

Yes and No. Due to the many options for certification, transparency for the end consumers is hard to gain. As a result, they unfortunately still pay too little attention to organic cosmetics labels and are often simply overwhelmed.

What do you wish for the future?

We would like to see more transparency and clarity regarding certified organic cosmetics and natural cosmetics in the future. It would be nice if there was less confusion regarding the individual certifications.

DesOlive Certified Organic Cosmetics

The love of the conscious work of the hands married to the knowledge of how to do things well

It all started with the purchase of a plot of land in the Maremma region, which stretches from southern Tuscany to northern Lazio.

With this beautiful property near the coast, Louisa and Désirée also took over a grove of olive trees that were barely eking out a sad existence. But the special opportunity this ownership would open for them was foreshadowed.

The inspiration and impetus to grow organic olive oil came from one of their kind-hearted neighbors, Sebastian. He owns a small olive oil farm and is a co-founder of the Slow Food movement. He was the one who taught the two women to care for the olive trees and to look after them professionally. The climate of the Italian coast causes their olives develop a particularly intense aroma. Louisa and Desiree have been selling their olive oil for 5 years now, and in their very own way. The appreciation they have for their olive trees is something they also show to their customers. In their region, they deliver their olive oil personally. They understand their customers as interested and multi-faceted and are happy to get to know them. There is always time for a conversation. Advice is particularly important to them. This also applies to their online sales.

Louisa and Desiree organize their sales from Germany. They spend several months a year in their house in the Maremma, which they have developed into an agritourismo. In this way, guests can also enjoy the rural region, whose tranquility is not disturbed by a single motorway. One of the most important events of the year is the olive harvest that takes place from October to November.

Desolive Organic certified Olive Oil extra virgin and Cosmetics

Olive Harvest In The Maremma

Pure, clear, pure, honest, and clean. This is the motto of DesOlive.

The women of DesOlive pick the olives by hand and with electric forks. This is also the tradition of their neighbors. For pressing, they take their harvest to the local oil mill within 24 hours. There, the olives are decanted into crates with the names of their owners and washed. Then the olives are pressed in a purely mechanical process, without the addition of any chemical substances. This gentle process does not require any heat input from the outside and no heat is generated during the process. The resulting mash is stirred and kneaded at low temperature and then gently centrifuged. After a decantation period, the olive oil is ready for bottling and then goes on sale, fresh and intoxicatingly aromatic. A detailed description of how this olive oil extraction process can be found on the DesOlive website.

The high quality of the olive oil is not only dependent on the cultivation, the climate, and the gentle processing, but also the right timing. From the time of harvest, the subsequent pressing must take place within 24 hours. One of the characteristics of high-quality extra virgin olive oil depends on the level of pholyphenols in the oil, which determine the taste and character of the oil. These polyphenols are also known antioxidants that can protect our cells.

The polyphenol content of DesOlive olive oil of up to 1,778 mg/kg have been achieved so far, which is considered extremely high. On average, this value is in the range of 360-800 mg/kg. The oil is classified as “extra virgin” and is regularly tested. The certificates for the respective harvests are available in the online shop at any time.

DesOlive® Organic Cosmetics - Organic Olive Oil With Character For The Well-being Of The Skin

Olive oil already played a major role in ancient Rome, both as a food and as a cosmetic. With precious essences of rose and lavender, it was used in the bathing temples for body care. Mixed with sand, it served as an exfoliant.

High-quality olive oil makes the skin soft and supple. It contains natural squalane and the plant’s own glycerin. Its high content of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E and polyphenols, so-called antioxidants, is said to protect and regenerate our cells.

“Only put on your skin what you can eat.” This motto is lived at DesOlive.

The knowledge of the skin-caring powers of pure olive oil has been passed down for generations in the Maremma. So, the path from home-grown olive oil as a high-quality food to organic cosmetics was not far. For Louisa and Désirée, it was a logical step to make this gift of nature accessible to people in their own organic cosmetics line.

Their organic certified olive oil cosmetics line is based on certified organic olive oil from the Maremma.

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Austria-Bio Organic Certified Olive Oil Cosmetics

In DesOlive’s organic certified cosmetics, cold-pressed organic olive oil plays the main role. The addition of carefully selected, high-quality, raw materials creates special synergies. They benefit the skin and give body and soul alike a deep sense of well-being.

DesOlive® Lip Balm With Cold-pressed Organic Olive Oil

The lip balm was DesOlive’s start into the world of organic cosmetics. Even the pure, cold-pressed organic extra virgin olive oil is a blessing for the lips. Its plant-based active ingredients protect the skin from cell-damaging environmental influences. However, in combination with fine berry wax, shea butter, cocoa butter and aloe vera extract, it develops its special protection to optimal effect.

The delicate lavender scent takes you away to the southern expanses of Tuscany. The packaging, cap and twist base of the stick are 98% recyclable. The lip balm is vegan, certified organic by NATRUE and contains 49.5% extra virgin cold olive oil.

DesOlive® Eye Fluid With Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil

The sophisticated composition of the eye fluid has a cooling, nourishing, and strengthening effect on the delicate skin around the eyes. The combination of eyebright and mallow extracts with cold-pressed virgin olive oil provides intensive moisture. The eye fluid has an astringent effect. The skin is regenerated and feels gently smoothed and soothed.

The eye fluid is vegan and contains 100% ingredients of natural origin according to ISO 16128, certified by A.NAT.Cert.

DesOlive® Face Cream With Cold-pressed Organic Olive Oil

Rosa Centifolia water and the delicate scent of Shiu combine in this nourishing face cream to create a special aroma. Together with the plant’s own glycerin, squalanes and the high proportion of phenols in the organic olive oil, the result is a regenerating and firming facial care product with a characteristic delicate green hue. Irritated skin is gently soothed and becomes supple again. The olive oil face cream combines perfect protection against environmental influences with the preservation of natural beauty in an almost magical way.

The Olive Oil Face Cream contains 24% extra virgin cold pressed olive oil. It is vegan and NATRUE certified, as well as Austria-Bio certified.

DesOlive® Face Cream For The Night With Cold-pressed Organic Olive Oil.

A full 25% amount of cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil supports the skin’s cell regeneration during the night. The high-quality olive oil naturally contains a high proportion of vitamin E, polyphenols, squalanes and glycerine. With the help of the olive oil night cream, the skin can replenish its reserves in peace. It gets plenty of moisture, is smoothed and soothed. The particularly fine, slightly flowery, rosy and delicately woody scent of shiu adds a pleasantly balancing effect on all the senses.

The olive oil night cream is vegan and is certified by Austria-BIO and A.Nat.Cert.

DesOlive® Body Lotion With Cold-pressed Organic Olive Oil

The natural aroma of blood orange exhilarates and invigorates the skin as well as the senses. The organic olive oil body lotion vitalizes with pomegranate seed oil and pampers the skin with the power of cold-pressed organic olive oil. A proportion of 20% cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil with a high polyphenol content ensures that even dry and brittle skin can be smoothed and regenerated. DesOlive® body lotion nourishes, protects and soothes. Its supple texture is a boon for all skin types.

This organic olive oil body lotion is vegan and certified organic by NATRUE, Austria-Bio and A.Nat.Cert.

DesOlive® Foot Balm With Cold-pressed Organic Olive Oil

Valuable jojoba and pomegranate seed oil, extracts of frankincense from Oman, aloe vera first pressed juice, calendula tincture and a high proportion of cold-pressed organic extra virgin olive oil combine to form a uniquely caringbalm.

Stressed feet and soles are effectively protected as they relax. The delicately scented balm invites you to enjoy a pleasurable foot massage.

DesOlive foot balm is vegan and certified organic by NATRUE, Austria-Bio and A.Nat.Cert.

DesOlive® Cuticle Oil Care With Cold Pressed Organic Olive Oil

The fresh scent of bergamot meets the intensive care effect of cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil. These are joined by the tinctures of calendula and arnica. This high-calibers blend protects and nourishes the fine cuticles and noticeably strengthens them. This organic olive cuticle oil care is suitable both as an intensive treatment for heavily stressed and dry hands and fingertips as well as for daily care. The practical roll-on bottle also fits easily into any handbag and performs well on the go.

The cuticle oil contains 87% extra virgin olive oil. It is vegan and certified organic by NATRUE, Austria-Bio and A.Nat.Cert.

A new and very special product based on organic olive oil is just about to be launched. We are very excited about it and will keep you informed!


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