Free Natural and Organic Cosmetics Seals Guide

Free Natural and Organic Cosmetics Label Guide

Free Natural and Organic Cosmetics Label Guide

Recognize certified natural and organic cosmetics with ease:

Authentic Eco Spirale
Is it important to you to buy real natural and organic cosmetics?
Would you like to support brands that not only talk green, but really do something for the environment and your skin?
But often this is easier said than done! Too often it is not clear what is pure advertising copy and what really applies. Beautiful pictures of leaves, plants and flowers symbolize naturalness. Checking the ingredients yourself every time can work – but it’s not necessarily fun.
And – nevertheless, questions often remain unanswered.
A lot is promised and it all sounds so good! How much time and nerves could you save yourself if you just knew when to hold the right natural cosmetics in your hand?
The big natural & organic cosmetics labels/ seals give you exactly this security:
– Just get a shower on the way home? Seal check: OK. No more searching and thinking.
– Finally found a face mask to pamper you, new eye shadow and a hair treatment? Seal check: everything natural, great!
Continue to discover and enjoy! If you know the natural cosmetics seal – it’s all quick and easy.
No more brooding = more time and fun!

Leave the natural and organic cosmetics seals jungle behind you and find new clarity!

Hello, I am Elke Hockauf,
Founder of Authentic Eco

My vision is to open a big door into the world of certified natural cosmetics with Authentic Eco. Only when there is more clarity about the individual natural and organic cosmetics labels and their strict requirements, the extraordinary commitment of every company in the certified natural and organic cosmetics field will get within everyone’s reach.

Elke Hockauf Authentic Eco
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