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"Natural hair needs natural care"

The Havana Curls certified organic curl care is fully dedicated to the optimal care of curls. Sensual playfulness and healthy vitality: well-groomed curls make hearts beat faster! But there are many types of curls. How does any hair - from gently wavy to frizzy curly mane - get exactly the curl care it needs?

Exactly at this point the "Curl Understanders" by Havana Curls. into play. Their curl care products work. The secret behind it is sound Knowledge of the special hair texture and the resulting care needs of all curl types. The sophisticated compositions of highly effective, natural ingredients, combined with current scientific knowledge, offer the solutions for all types of curls.

The most beautiful curls are those whose texture is understood and cared for in connection with their unique nature. This is the only way to achieve beautiful and convincing results in the long term.

Havana Curls has been consistent with this concept. Their curl care products are so natural and sustainably made that they can COSMOS Organic-Biocosmetics Seal are allowed to wear.

In the following interview, managing director Stephan Lüderitz explains the reasons why he decided to apply for the strict natural cosmetics certification according to the COSMOS Organic Standard.

Interview with Managing Director Stephan Lüderitz on the natural cosmetics certification of Havana Curls

What motivated you to have your products certified as natural cosmetics or organic cosmetics?

Our concern is, the latest scientific findings with the highest possible organic quality of the formulations into a functioning curl care.

The certification as organic cosmetics was therefore the logical consequence for us.in order to be able to communicate this quality credibly. Aur products should not only say BIO, but they should also demonstrably contain BIO.. We clearly distinguish ourselves from other brands that call themselves "BIO" but do not want to adhere to such a strict standard as COSMOS Organic. 

If all the requirements for certified organic cosmetics are met, the production price automatically increases. Organic ingredients are many times more expensive than other ingredients. Product development, manufacturing and the regular testing process are also associated with higher costs. It is simply not possible to produce high-quality organic cosmetics in the low price segment. If you as a customer invest in organic curl care, then you want to be sure that you are buying demonstrably high organic quality.

Our guarantee for this is the Organic Cosmetics Seal.

What values do you associate with certification?

For us, the certification as organic cosmetics is closely linked to the Credibility in the greenwashing jungle connected. This includes the Conservation of nature and that Aiming for a sustainable circular economy. We do not want to promote overexploitation, but the Awareness of the importance of cosmetics with tested, sustainably sourced and high quality ingredients. create Responsibility, reliability and honestyt are values that are part of certification for us.

Since when have you been certified with whom?

We are since 2020 via the BDIH according to COSMOS Organiccertified as organic cosmetics.

Have your expectations been fulfilled?

So far, yes, completely. The COSMOS Organic seal is a door opener. During customer acquisition, the high quality of our organic curl care is immediately clear. This has considerably reduced the amount of explanation we have to do. Retailers, natural cosmeticians, natural hairdressers, organic event organizers can use the Recognize product quality at first glance. The same applies to our customers.

What do you wish for the future?

I would like to see much more advertising and education about the natural cosmetics and organic cosmetics seals.. In addition, the Basic rules communicated more clearly become. Until now, it has been difficult for customers to understand which high standards certified organic cosmetics actually meet.

Our wishes for the future are very concrete with regard to Havana Curls: More certified organic curl care products will follow. Three products, which complement the existing range of products in a meaningful way, are already being planned.

Havana Curls certified organic curl care with roots in Havana

Havana Curls Certified Organic Curl Care

A History of German-Cuban Synergies

It all began when Dr. Lüderitz from Havana came to Berlin in 2000. In Cuba most people have curly or wavy hair. However, since the range of care products is not very large, people there like to fall back on self-made, natural care. Based on this knowledge, the engineer, aroma specialist and doctor of chemistry, began to develop her own formulations in Germany. She envisioned curly hair care that would work and at the same time be of the highest natural quality. A real challenge!

This idea matured and developed over several years. In 2013, the perfect combination of nature, tradition and scientific knowledge was ready to conquer the natural cosmetics market. The Havana Curls curl cream was the company's first product to hit the market and found enthusiastic users.

The well-deserved success with this first product led Havana Curls making headway in 2020 and to expand the product range. From now on a complete curly hair care line is available to all curly-haired individuals products complement each other perfectly and work in the right combination for all types of curls.

Special Hair Care for Curly Hair - Why?

Can't you just use regular hair care for curls? Of course you can. But the special care needs of curly hair is difficult to meet. Curly hair is naturally different in texture than straight hair. It tends to dryness and is quickly strained. Due to their curvature, curly hair does not lie as close to the scalp as straight hair and is therefore less supplied with sebum. In addition, the cuticle that surrounds each hair is more porous in curls.

Furthermore, depending on their nature, curls need very different care. The Porosity is one of the factors to be considered here. In addition, the hair thickness, hair density and elasticity also be taken into account. All this affects the correct selection and composition of an optimal curl care.
The best care for all curls is a mild cleansing and an optimal combination of moisture and protective ingredients.

Havana Curls has developed a curl care product in certified organic cosmetic quality that is precisely tailored to these needs. All products complement each other. They can be combined with each other according to the individual’s hair texture. Only the highest quality ingredients are used, where possible, from controlled organic cultivation. This is good for the curls and at the same time for our environment.

Havana Curls Leave In Conditioner Cream Curl Cream

COSMOS Organic Certified Curl Care: Functional Organic Hair Care for All Curls

COSMOS Organic certified curl care: functional organic hair care for all curls

One for all - and even organic? Havana Curls has a clear "yes" to that. The highest organic quality and real effectiveness go into this natural cosmetic curl care an amazing combination. If the frequency and amount of use is optimally dosed, you get the perfect care for every type of curl. The focus of Havana Curls is on gentle Cleaning and perfectly coordinated leave-in care.

The condition of one’s curls determines which products of the organic hair care of Havana Curls should be used.

Leave-in conditioner: MOISTURE. SOFTNESS. SHINE.

The Havana Curls certified organic curl cream with mango and shea butter for the ultimate plus in moisture, curl and shine - without silicones, parabens or alcohol.

The certified natural cosmetics curl care cream leave-in conditioner is the star of Havana Curls. It was the brand's first product and has lived up to its name since 2013.

Natural oils and vegetable butter are combined with high-quality plant extracts, such as organic aloe vera, vitamins, proteins and water to form a smooth, leave-in curl cream. Mango butter and shea butter that are organic in quality ensure that much of the moisture that is important for curls is stored in the hair. The high proportion of approximately 10% unsaponifiable components additionally ensures an intensive revitalization of the hair.

The long-lasting curl cream melts gently in warm hands and can then be easily distributed according to hair needs. It should not be washed out.

African curls, as well as all very frizzy hair, may be liberally pampered with the curl cream. A good portion kneaded into damp curls after washing creates the base for beautiful shine and textures the curls. To refresh, a little curl care cream can also be kneaded into dry hair. The lighter and finer the curls are, the less curl cream is needed.

It is easy to find out how much curl cream your own curls need. As the natural cosmetic curl cream is highly concentrated, it is best to start with a small amount. After the first kneading and drying of the hair, you quickly get a feeling for the right amount. If more is needed, simply increase the quantity bit by bit.

The Havana Curls curl cream defines curls without sticking. It gives new strength, suppleness and beautiful shine in a completely natural way.


Certified Organic Natural Cosmetics Curl Care Lotion with Organic Jojoba Oil and Sandalwood Oil

With its liquid-creamy consistency, Leave-In Balm, the Organic Natural Cosmetics Curl Care Lotion, so to speak the little brother of the Curl Cream (leave-in conditioner). But the lightweight has it in itself! Organic jojoba oil, organic avocado oil, organic aloe vera and proteins nourish curly hair and provide it with plenty of moisture.

The organic curl emulsion is the recommendation for defined curls and quick styling. The Leave-In Balm unfolds its effects in both wet and dry hair. With fine, curly hair and gentle natural curls, it is perfect for refreshing the curls between hair washes. The natural sandalwood scent pampers the senses. leave-in balm unfolds its effect in both damp and dry hair. For fine, curly hair and soft natural curls, it is perfect for refreshing the curls between hair washes. The natural sandalwood fragrance pampers the senses.

Organic Curls Leave In Havana Curls
Organic Curls Serum Havana Curls

Hair Serum: SEAL & SHINE

Certified organic natural cosmetic hair serum with organic argan oil and cacay oil

Organic argan oil is a benefit for every hair. In the certified organic natural cosmetic hair serum with organic argan oil and cacay oil, the Hair Serum by Havana Curls, it develops a special synergy with precious Cacay seed oil.

Cacay oil is rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids, such as Omega 6, linoleic and linolenic acid. The organic argan oil in combination with Cacay nourishes curls without weighing them down. Pure essential oils of ylang ylang, palmarosa and bitter orange support the caring effect and give the Hair Serum a delicate sensual aroma. The Hair Serum gives an extra portion of suppleness to all types of curls when it is massaged into still-damp hair after washing. As a finish after styling, it seals the hair and lets it shine enchantingly. Hair Serum a delicately sensual aroma. The hair serum gives all types of curls an extra portion of suppleness when it is massaged into damp hair after washing. As a finish after styling, it seals the hair and makes it shine enchantingly.

The Havana Curls Hair Serum is the icing on the cake of the Havana Curls curl care line.


Certified Organic Natural Cosmetics Curl Care Shampoo with Moringa Oil and Schisandra

Certified organicNatural cosmetics Curl care shampoo with moringa oil and schisandra

The basis of every perfect curl care is a mild cleansing. Curly hair needs special care already during washing. So, the shampoo should not contain any substances that degrease or leaves sticky residue.

Havana Curls masters all these challenges with its special natural cosmetic curl care shampoo. Mild active washing substances gently cleanse the curls. The care shampoo contains a proud selection of top-class care substances. Organic aloe vera extract provides moisture. Organic jojoba oil and organic moringa oil provide suppleness. Schisandra extract and wheat proteins balance and strengthen the hair. It is important to distribute the shampoo well in the hair and massage it in, especially at the hairline. After about 2 minutes, it unfolds its special strength.

The curl shampoo from Havana Curls stands out with its high-quality care formulation. Your curls will thank it!

You won't find any sulphates, silicones, parabens or alcohol in this shampoo. Naturally. Because like all Havana Curls certified organic curl care products, Havana Curls Curl Shampoo is certified by BDIH COSMOS Organic.

Havana Curls - the Pros of Organic Curl Care at a Glance

Organic certified and vegan natural cosmetic curl care (COSMOS Organic)

  • No petrochemical ingredients
  • No silicones
  • No parabens
  • No animal testing
  • Made in Germany
  • Moisturizes the curls
  • Makes the curls supple and easier to comb
  • More shine and strength less hair breakage

From gentle waves to frizzy coils - the organic hair care from Havana Curls gives curly hair intensive care and powerful curl!


Havana Curls Ltd.
Sredzki Street 36
10435 Berlin
Tel: +49 30 54906396
Email: info[at]havanacurls.com

Website: https://www.havanacurls.com

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Havana Curls Organic Curl Cream Leave In ConditionerOrganic Curls Care Cream Havana Curls
Havana Curls Organic Curl Care Leave-In Hair Cream 150ml
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The Organic Curl Care Leave-In Hair Cream by Havana Curls is made by...
Havana Curls Organic Curl ShampooOrganic Curls Shampoo Havana Curls
Havana Curls Organic Curl Care Shampoo 200ml
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The Organic Curl Care Shampoo by Havana Curls is COSMOS Organic...
Havana Curls Organic Curl Cream Leave In ConditionerOrganic Curls Care Cream Havana Curls
Havana Curls Organic Curl Care Leave-In Hair Cream 150ml
29.90  incl. VAT
The Organic Curl Care Leave-In Hair Cream by Havana Curls is made by...
Havana Curls Organic Curl ShampooOrganic Curls Shampoo Havana Curls
Havana Curls Organic Curl Care Shampoo 200ml
26.90  incl. VAT
The Organic Curl Care Shampoo by Havana Curls is COSMOS Organic...

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