The Authentic Eco Portal to Certified Natural & Organic Cosmetics provides information about the current natural cosmetics label standards and their requirements. It presents certified brands and companies from the natural cosmetics industry, with their views of the certification. The focus is onsustainable commitment, as well as new products. Companies seeking certification of their natural cosmetic products will find label-independent information and advice on how to get their certification process started.

Знаки качества натуральной косметики – признание сертифицированной натуральной косметики
Organic and Natural Cosmetics Labels

Organic Cosmetics Labels – How To Easily Recognize Certified Natural Cosmetics

In our internationally and digitally connected world, the certification of natural and organic cosmetics guarantees that all the specifications defined in a natural and organic cosmetics standard are complied with by the certified brand.The following overview shows the currently relevant labels for certified natural and organic cosmetics on the European market and explains their main criteria.

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