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The Natural and Organic Cosmetics Shop: Kosmetik-Bazar

On the tranquil edge of “Das Viertel”, the quarter of the city’s alternative centre and eco-scene on Ostertorsteinweg, lies Bremen’s natural and organic cosmetics gem: Sabine Reermann’s Kosmetik-Bazar.

One of the first natural cosmetics shops in Germany, carrier of certified natural & organic cosmetics brands, as well as special natural cosmetics from small manufacturers, the latest product trends, and beguilingly beautiful accessories—this is where the organic cosmetics soul takes wing!

The qualified staff respond to each customer individually, are happy to provide comprehensive advice and always have good tips at the ready.

Natural and Organic Cosmetics Shop Bremen Kosmetik Bazar

A Bedrock of Natural Cosmetics Shops and Always Up to Date

The Bremen Kosmetik-Bazar: how everything started

At the beginning of the 90s, the heyday of German cosmetics self-stirrers was in full swing and met the developing eco and organic scene. For Sabine Reermann, it all started with self-filled raw materials for natural cosmetics. She wanted to offer high-quality raw materials for self-stirrers at good prices. That is why she opened her own shop in 1993—a shop that became one of the first natural and organic cosmetics shops in Germany.

At that time, it was impossible for individual shops to organise the purchase of raw materials themselves. To get hold of the address lists of suppliers, one had to invest up to 5,000 DM. To organise joint purchases, the Association of Kosmetik Bazars was founded. The association still exists today. Since then, the name Kosmetik-Bazar has simply become part of Bremen’s natural and organic cosmetics shop in the Ostertorviertel.

The sale of natural cosmetic raw materials and the associated equipment was supplemented by the fresh mixing of natural cosmetics made to customer order. A fine basic range of bath and body oils, freshly made on a regular basis, was a perennial favourite until the introduction of the new Cosmetics Regulation in 2000. One of the recipes created by Sabine from almond oil, litsea cubeba and rosewood quickly became a customer favourite.

In those days, the selection of ready-to-sell natural and organic cosmetics was still vanishingly small. Lavera and Logona were the first natural and organic cosmetics brands to enter the Kosmetik Bazar, closely followed by i+m. Refill systems for shampoos, shower gels and body lotions began to boom shortly afterwards—as did the challenge of filling from canisters in a hygienic way.

The Bremen Kosmetik-Bazar Today

Meanwhile, the thirtieth anniversary of the Bremen Cosmetics Bazaar is approaching. The natural and organic cosmetics scene has developed rapidly, and the number of natural and organic cosmetics brands offered at the Kosmetik Bazar has long exceeded 100.

The Kosmetik Bazar is a magnet for all natural and organic cosmetics lovers. But even those who have not yet had much to do with natural cosmetics will find what they are looking for here. Their selection is huge and always up to date. The well-trained staff knows the product range like the back of their hands and respond to every customer request with empathy and expertise.

Natural and Organic Cosmetics Shop Bremen Kosmetik Bazar

Natural and Organic Cosmetics Brands in The Cosmetics Bazaar

5 Favourites

Sabine’s favourites are mainly brands that consistently focus on one main raw material and set trends in the development of new active ingredients for natural cosmetics.

Oceanwell and Santaverde are, therefore, two of her favourites.

Oceanwell is a NATRUE certified, marine natural and organic cosmetic, with a focus on marine-sourced active ingredients that are ideal for the skin. The brand, which is run by marine biologists, is constantly researching how marine collagen or algae, for example, can be used in innovative ways.

The NATRUE certified natural and organic cosmetics brand Santaverde is completely dedicated to the use of the aloe vera plant. The fact that the aloe flower is now also used for natural cosmetics is particularly exciting for the boss-lady of the Bremen Kosmetik Bazar.

Mádara and Annemarie Börlind, as innovative active-ingredient cosmetics in the natural and organic cosmetics sector are also among Sabine’s favourites. Mádara scores high points with very innovative formulas, such as the new IMMU line. Annemarie Börlind stands out due to its research and use of active ingredients such as Ectoin and extracts from trembling mushroom. Both natural cosmetics brands are ideal for customers who are switching from conventional to natural cosmetics, as well as for women who love the combination of the latest technologies with the principles of natural and organic cosmetics.

As the fifth brand, i+m has captured the hearts of Sabine and her team. i+m produces trustworthy, vegan, certified, and honest natural cosmetics. The range is clearly structured. There is something to meet any customer’s requirements. 

Good Example for Perfect Retailer Support

What these five natural and organic cosmetics brands have in common is that they look after their retailers very well. Information and training materials on new products are provided in a timely fashion. Original products for the team to try are sent without being asked. This practice is important for retailers to be able to understand and sell the products well.

Sabine would like to see this kind of support from the staff of all-natural cosmetics brands.

In the following interview, Sabine tells us what role the natural and organic cosmetics seals play in her specialised shop.

Kosmetik Bazar Bremen Naturkosmetikfachgeschäft

Interview with Sabine Reermann on the Role of Natural Cosmetics Seals

What values, requirements and expectations do you associate with the natural and organic cosmetics seals?

Everything that we understand by “genuine” natural and organic cosmetics today, and everything that will pertain this term in the future, must be controlled and protected—with the help of modern technology and sound expertise, non-influential and objective—to achieve the greatest possible transparency.

Do natural cosmetics seals influence your product range choices?

Seals play a major role in the listing of new products. They generate trust in us and in the customers.

Do natural cosmetics seals influence sales? If so, how?

For many customers, the natural and organic cosmetics market is very confusing, not least because the term is not protected. This creates uncertainty and a seal is often a decision-making aid.

What do you wish for the future?

For the “seal jungle”, a better clarity; and for the natural and organic cosmetics market, the continuous research of new raw materials, as well as the development of innovative care lines.

Current Opportunities for Natural and Organic Cosmetics Shops

The opportunities for natural and organic cosmetics shops are exceptionally good!

Customers must be able to smell, taste and touch natural cosmetics. Hands-on comparison is also important. In addition, well-founded advice for customers is the be-all and end-all for keeping their business.

The long-term success of a natural and organic cosmetics shop also depends on regular product range adjustments. The presentation and selection of brands needs movement, a certain flow to their display. This also applies to the approach of new brands.

If a brand is not accepted by customers in a certain place in the shop, it often helps to place it differently and to think about the way it is presented. For Sabine, the “face of the brand” must be tangible for the customers—not a typical “best of” presentation as a colourful mixture of different brands.

The chances of great success for natural cosmetics shops lie in the blending of all these points. Together with the local specialities, this creates the individual and unmistakable character of each shop; it becomes a unique selling point in the truest sense of the word.

What New Natural and Organic Cosmetics Shops Should Keep in Mind

Sabine’s tips that she would like to give to new natural and organic cosmetics shops:

  • Allow five years for the business to become profitable.
  • Always keep up to date; take every product training you can get and do your own training on every brand.
  • Have regular staff training. Your staff should know the special features and unique selling points of the products, as well as your target customer groups. This will give them a sense of which products they can recommend to which customers.
  • Consultation with customers about product selection requires understanding, sensitivity and well-founded expertise.
  • Get people with an affinity for cosmetics or—optimally—with a high interest in natural and organic cosmetics into your team. The technical subtleties can be learned, but motivation and passion for cosmetics you either have or not.

Sabine Reermann and her team at the Bremen Kosmetik Bazar are known for their sense of fun, enthusiasm, and in-depth knowledge.
Businesswomen like Sabine are the backbone of the retail trade and belong among the pioneers of the natural and organic cosmetics sector.


Sabine Reermann
28203 Bremen
Ostertorsteinweg 25-26

Fon: 0421 – 701699

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday 10am – 6:30 pm
Saturday 10 am – 4 pm

Connect with the Kosmetik Bazar:

Sabine Reermann Kosmetik Bazar Bremen
©Sabine Reermann, Kosmetik Bazar Bremen

If there is a lockdown, products can be ordered by phone or email and picked up in the shop. If you live within easy cycling distance of the Kosmetik Bazar, you can also have your natural & organic cosmetics delivered.

Natural and Organic Cosmetics Shop Bremen Kosmetik Bazar

Foto Credits: Pictures by Kosmetik Bazar, Authentic EcoKitera Dent, Joran Quinten, and Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash
Thanks to the Model: @annemarie_smn and photographer: Nextstep Pictures , @finn_hckf

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