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[09.07.2020 - 10 min read] The Natural Cosmetics Camp is also the bar camp of the natural cosmetics industry in 2020. Every year, about 120 people from different areas who are professionally involved in natural cosmetics meet. These include natural cosmetics brands, suppliers, retailers, agencies, associations, press and influencers, as well as customers. There is a fixed number of places for each of these areas. These places are allocated anew each year. The rule here is: "First come, first served!"

At the NaturkosmetikCamp, the focus is on personal exchange among the participants. Unlike classic congresses or meetings, the Barcamp lives from the topics that move the participants the most. There will be no long lectures. Instead, discussions take place in individual sessions on topics that the participants submit in advance. At the start of the Barcamp a vote will be taken. The topics with the greatest response find a place in the session schedule. After a kick-off event, the BarCampers have three days to exchange ideas and network in the sessions. In doing so, they enjoy the atmosphere at annually changing, sustainably designed conference locations.

The Natural Cosmetics Camp 2020 online Participants
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The Natural Cosmetics Camp 2020: Hello Future! Natural cosmetics in hotels and retail

This year, the sixth Natural Cosmetics Camp was to take place in beautiful Tyrol. The motto this year was "Hello future! Natural cosmetics in hotels and retail".

I was particularly excited in the run-up to the event as this was my first time partnering with Authentic Eco. To kick things off, I had booked a few days before the actual camp to go hiking in Tyrol. I wanted to explore the area and let the fresh air clear my head. The idea of starting the exchange at the Natural Cosmetics Camp in the midst of beautiful nature in a relaxed way appealed to me more than anything else. But everything turned out differently than planned. The Corona exception makes it impossible to go to Tyrol.

The organizer Wolfgang Falkner and his team were flexible. Without further ado, they set up an online version of the Natural Cosmetics Camp. For them and for many participants, this was a novelty. But it was an inspiring experience for everyone.

Now all bar campers could visit the sessions online via Zoom in video chat on three afternoons in a row. In addition to the opening and closing events for all bar campers, there were four online sessions for each participant to choose from.

I decided to do the following sessions:

Session: The future of natural cosmetics under the influence of megatrends and pandemics

This session at the Natural Cosmetics Camp 2020 by Mirja Eckert, THE NEW, was one of the highlights at this year's Natural Cosmetics Camp. Mirja has taken over "NaturkosmetikKonzepte" from Elfriede Dambacher. The market research in the field of natural cosmetics is therefore now in her hands. Accordingly, the interest was great. Especially this year, forecasts for natural cosmetics were more sought after than ever.

Mirja pointed out that certified natural cosmetics are the growth driver of the international cosmetics market. This is growing by 22 million euros per year. Asia and especially China are leading the growth. In Germany, natural cosmetics worth 1.38 billion euros were sold in 2019. The sales share of the total German cosmetics market is currently 18.6%. The buyer reach is currently 26.8%.

Increasing verticalisation among manufacturers is striking. The principle of verticalization in online marketing means that the classic responsibilities between manufacturers and retailers are increasingly overlapping. Brands are nowadays increasingly responsible for their external appearance, customer loyalty, consulting and even direct sales.

What are megatrends and how do they affect natural cosmetics?

After the insight on the latest figures of the natural cosmetics market, Mirja explained the specificity of megatrends. I hadn't really thought about the definition of the word before. What neither I nor most of the other participants had in mind was the range and scope of megatrends.

According to Mirja's definition, megatrends encompass the personal, social, political, economic and scientific levels equally. Megatrends are slow, long-term, global, complex and pervasive. They have a half-life of 30 years and act as an early warning system for society. Digitalization, individualization, the development of a neo-ecology and the holistic understanding of health in an aging society are proving to be particularly relevant for the natural cosmetics market. All these components together are leading to social change. New lifestyles and lifestyles are emerging. This in turn means that the future consumer behavior of natural cosmetics customers will also change.

For natural cosmetics companies, this means that they should design their customer approach in a very differentiated way. In the future, it will be important to precisely analyze the diversity of life situations, new longings, desires, needs, priorities and fears. This is the only way to find and reach target customers.

What was interesting for me was that Mirja did not see sustainability as a megatrend. In her view, sustainability is and remains omnipresent. It is no longer a CAN, but a MUST.

In addition to addressing customers in detail, natural cosmetics companies should clearly communicate their social commitment, their values and their purpose to the outside world. New marketing terms such as "Conscious Beauty" will continue to cause confusion. However, the customers of the future want comprehensible authenticity.

The session also addressed the fact that the boundaries between the analogue and digital worlds will continue to blur. Furthermore, according to Mirja, limited raw material availability and a lack of predictability will be just as central to the natural cosmetics market as the ubiquitous hygiene management.

Visions of the Natural Cosmetics Camp 2020 online

Session: Corporate communications after 2020: online video as a challenge but also an opportunity

How online videos will influence corporate communications in the future was discussed by Jörg Pattiss, of Jörg Pattiss Online Video Marketing, in his session of the same name.

In this round of topics at the Natural Cosmetics Camp 2020, it became clear that - in the course of the Corona crisis - many natural cosmetics companies have reorganised their training concepts. Since offline seminars and workshops were eliminated overnight, the switch to online had to be made very quickly.

I was pleased to hear that many participants here reported very positive experiences. It became clear that Zoom in particular is used a lot. In recent months, it has become clear that specialist conferences, team meetings or customer meetings do not always have to involve long journeys and physical presence. The online version as a supplement proved to be useful and helps to save resources.

It was positively assessed that videos can do justice to the need for explanation of natural cosmetics very well. The session participants agreed that new online media can complement the old ones very well if they are used sensibly. What the bar campers lacked, however, despite all the online communication, was personal networking.

Session: How can natural cosmetics bridge the gap between the analogue and digital worlds?

In her session at the Natural Cosmetics Camp 2020, Susan Kampfhammer from Organic Beauty Consulting explored the question of how natural cosmetics companies can connect the analogue with the digital world. During this session it became clear that the growing online and mobile trend must be accompanied by an adequate technical implementation of the online presence. SEO optimization and Responsive Design are indispensable in online marketing. A coordinated social media presence is also important for every natural cosmetics brand in order to make an emotional and personalized customer experience possible.

Digital trends, such as virtual points of sale, apps for styling advice, personal shopping assistants or chatbots in customer advice, will also find their way into natural cosmetics.

It is recommended to link offline and online channels in a sophisticated way that is adapted to the company. For example, advice and advertising campaigns for stationary sales can be set up online. The company's own online presence can be boosted by promotions in the retail store. The strength lies in the right combination of all channels. This takes the customer approach to a new level and makes it very flexible.

Session: As Community of the certified natural cosmetics industry into the new decade

I designed this session at the Natural Cosmetics Camp 2020, based on the experiences made with my online platform Authentic Eco. My goal was to explore the possibilities of digital networking in natural cosmetics -Community together with the participants.

The central question here was how we can better network already existing offline communities online. We also discussed what opportunities digital, cross-border communication could have in a Community and how natural cosmetics could benefit from joint positioning via a Community.

We all agreed that a common, overarching and international Community is needed by all stakeholders in natural cosmetics. The idea of creating a central place in the network where companies can get to know each other and exchange ideas internationally, where experts can have their say, and which can be used as a learning platform, met with particular interest. This digital natural cosmetics Community should promote exchange and encourage cooperation. Together we can move much more quickly, from projects to advertising campaigns to knowledge transfer.

There was particularly intensive discussion about the common basis of the natural cosmetics industry and about who should belong to a natural cosmetics online Community. The suggestions of the bar campers ranged here from companies with a fixed percentage of natural cosmetics in the overall range to natural cosmetics certification as a criterion. There is certainly still some need for discussion here.

The consistently positive response to a digital natural cosmetics Community and the many ideas for its design made me very happy in the session. We will stay tuned! At this point, I can reveal that the B2B Natural Cosmetics Community of Authentic Eco will open its doors this summer. All industry players are cordially invited!

Natural Cosmetics Camp 2020 online is also possible

Further sessions of the Natural Cosmetics Camp 2020

Parallel to the sessions I chose, others were held on the following topics:

Inez Linke from Oceanwell discussed with the participants of her session whether sustainable packaging really exists and explored variants of implementing the idea of sustainability in packaging as a company. Stephan Becker from benecos discussed with the participants what the common possibilities and opportunities of the specialist trade could be. How it can look to "shop regionally instead of globally online - David against Amazon" was discussed by the bar campers in the session by Lisa-Marie and David Faber from Peritus Webdesign. Mei Gräfe of Intergate Consulting led a session on "On the resilience of entrepreneurship - the Chinese cosmetics industry after the Great Shutdown." The question of which chemicals can be contained in creams was clarified by David Hauck from Dr. Hauck with his discussion partners. Franziska Breisinger of AOT gave a session on "How do we deal with residues in cosmetic raw materials and oils?" How natural cosmetics and sustainability can look in the hotel industry was the topic of Rica Friedl from the organic hotel Bayerischer Wirt. In her session, Carola Muschke from PromPeru used Peru as an example to draw a picture of how raw materials come to Europe.

As in previous years, Wolfgang Falkner and his diligent moderators created mind maps for all discussion rounds. This made the discussed contents tangible for all participants.

How have natural cosmetics companies experienced the Corona period so far?

At this year's Natural Cosmetics Camp, the question of how the participants have dealt with the Corona exemption situation so far was omnipresent. The three discussion partners of the panel discussion at the opening of the Natural Cosmetics Camp gave an insight into this. Nele Ziehm from the organic wholesaler Weiling reported that the rush of the first days after the crisis was hardly manageable. The demand for natural cosmetics also increased. Roland Fink from Niceshops was also pleased with the strong sales volume. Christiane Wegger from the organic shop in Tulln divided her team into two independent shifts without further ado. In this way she was able to optimally combine the safety of her employees and the maintenance of business operations. She was pleased about a higher influx of new customers in her organic shop.

I found it very motivating that other participants also reported a pragmatic and flexible reaction to the crisis situation. Work processes were adapted, safety distances were granted and the home office was activated. Special importance was attached to safety and up-to-date information for employees. The friendly interaction within the company, as well as with business partners and customers, was described by many bar campers as uplifting.

I think that especially in this year's exceptional situation, the values that have shaped the organic scene and the natural cosmetics industry since its inception have proven their worth. After all, our common basic motivation is to run a business that is good for people and nature. This basic idea is reflected in appreciative cooperation, fair collaboration and long-term business relationships.

Despite the extreme situation, the mood in the camp was hopeful and positive. This was certainly helped by the knowledge that the idea of sustainability and thus also one of the basic values of the natural cosmetics industry played an increasingly important role in the awareness of customers in the course of the Corona crisis.

"NaturkosmetikCamp 2020 goes online" - my conclusion

With its direct exchange via the internet, the Natural Cosmetics Camp 2020 was a unique event in the natural cosmetics industry. Although I - like many other participants - missed the spontaneous conversations before and after the sessions and the personal networking: the online version of the Natural Cosmetics Camp 2020 was also a professional enrichment for me. The Online NaturkosmetikCamp, which was planned as a Corona-related fallback option, was very successful from my point of view and shows possibilities for a future combination of offline and online events. Overviews with the abstracts of all sessions of the Natural Cosmetics Camp 2020 can be found on the blog of the Natural Cosmetics Camp and at Be in Organic.

The date for the Natural Cosmetics Camp 2021 has already been set:

17/09/2021 - 19/09/2021| Hotel Panorama Royal, Bad Häring/Tyrol Start of registration: 1 February 2021, 0.00 a.m. - first come, first served | 120 places We are looking forward to new, interesting topics and the - then again - individual and personal exchange. To the announcement

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