"Authentic and innovative into the future" - a review

The International Natural Cosmetics Industry Congress 2019 in Berlin sta all about new trends in the booming natural cosmetics market. Executives from the most diverse areas of the cosmetics and natural cosmetics industry met here for a stocktaking. Wolf Lüdke and his team from naturkosmetik verlag had done a great job with their selection of top-class speakers and discussion partners. The common thread linking all the contributions was the question of how to act authentically in the industry - despite rapid changes - and how to do business sustainably.

Current evaluations, statistics, figures and forecasts alternated with case studies, new sales trends and the presentation of new technologies.

Natural cosmetics trade faces redefinition

Digital and technological developments and constant growth are also changing the demands on the beauty market at a rapid pace. From this perspective, Marta Kwiatkowski-Schenk from the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute looked at the purchasing behaviour of future generations of natural cosmetics consumers. It is already foreseeable today that virtual beauty offers in interaction with human influencers will strongly influence product presentation. In the course of this, people and technology will merge more and more.

The brand names themselves will lose importance compared to the effectiveness of the products. With regard to the great influence of social media, the tenor of the congress was clear: "Don't be scared, start to make a difference!" Only those who get involved with the new media can use their enormous potential.

Today, consumers of natural cosmetics are increasingly questioning the ethical and ecological claims of brands. This may seem self-evident to the pioneers of the industry. However, it is increasingly important that all natural cosmetics brands make their commitment tangible. In this way, they enable consumers to make qualified decisions.

Prof. Teunen summed up this important trend in his presentation at the Natural Cosmetics Industry Congress: "What you can choose yourself, you should choose consciously." However, convincing information is needed for conscious decisions. A growing blending of segments in the natural cosmetics market, the need for sustainable packaging solutions and the desire to preserve global biodiversity also contribute significantly to an increased need for information in the industry.

This results in important conclusions for consumers as well as for all companies in the natural cosmetics industry. Nowadays it is more important than ever before for natural cosmetics companies to be well informed, to make conscious decisions and to communicate their values clearly. This applies not only to the choice of ingredients, but also to the design of the production process and environmental management. To meet the expectations of today's consumers, a holistic view and the right mix of interactions are essential.

Elfriede Dambacher from naturkosmetik konzepte pointed out that in addition to natural cosmetics, the area of near-natural cosmetics is growing strongly. The boundaries between near-natural cosmetics, non-certified natural cosmetics, certified natural cosmetics and certified organic cosmetics are beginning to blur. This is influenced by the lack of mandatory INCI in the social media and on the Internet as well as the entry of large brands with modern sales concepts into the area of natural cosmetics.

Natural Cosmetics Industry Congress Paths to the Future

Is the interpretative sovereignty of certified natural cosmetics at stake?

All areas of the natural cosmetics market are growing. This was the consensus at the Natural Cosmetics Industry Congress. However, the highest growth rate in the first half of 2019 was recorded by natural cosmetics. Furthermore, the previous image of the natural cosmetics industry is now being expanded by new players of various colours. For example, conventional brands are now also advertising sustainable concepts and the use of natural raw materials. From the other side, the performance of natural cosmetics is increasingly approaching that of conventional cosmetics. "Clean beauty" has become the new fashion term. But who defines such terms and who simply uses clever marketing geared towards the new sustainability trend?

There is still too little clarity about the requirements, the performance and the meaning of the natural cosmetics standards. The "seal confusion" that has often been conjured up

seems to have reached no end so far. The wish for more clarification of the standards for certified natural cosmetics was expressed very clearly by several speakers at the congress. Elfriede Dambacher pointed out that it is now important not to lose the "sovereignty of interpretation" of certified natural cosmetics.

Transcending habitual thought patterns: from attention to detail to holism

Often we only see the effects of our actions on the surface. Dr. Goreau, the president of the Global Coral Reef Alliance made this very clear in his impressive presentation at the Natural Cosmetics Industry Congress. He pointed out that the media coverage is about plastic floating on the surface of the sea. However, there is 70% plastic waste on the ocean floor. Global water warming has resulted in more corals dying in the last 20 years than ever before.

Dr. Goreau's assessments shocked all listeners. However, the report of his success in regenerating dead coral reefs gave new hope. A strong will, a plan, ambition, cooperation and modern technologies can together make the seemingly impossible possible.

Ulrike Eberle from corsus - corporate sustainability emphasised that there is no alternative to acting with foresight in order to balance raw materials, available floor space and increasing demand. It is also more important than ever to develop future-proof solutions for sustainable packaging management. It is time to deal very consciously with the available resources. Her appeal to the representatives of the natural cosmetics industry was clear.

Natural Cosmetics Industry Congress Sustainable Packaging

Circular economy & recycling: sustainable packaging concepts in good company

The recycling of packaging material is the last of four steps in sustainable packaging management. Mrs. Schweig from C.E. Schweig Verpackung pointed this out. The 3 steps before should be given much more attention:

  • Avoid
  • Decrease
  • Reuse and only then:
  • Recycle.

If you take these interrelationships into account and align your processes as a company accordingly, you can even save money with a sustainable packaging concept, says Ms Schweig.

Oliver Grothe from Fair Squared GmbH confirmed that refill and potting systems are on the rise. He explained how he developed and implemented a zero-waste cycle with his brand.

Natural Cosmetics Industry Congress Cooperation

Creating change together: "Visionaries of the industry unite you".

The current challenges for the natural cosmetics industry are large and diverse. Digitalisation, new sales strategies, changing target group definitions, new packaging concepts, holistic understanding and sustainability... They demand attention and action.

Small steps are no longer enough. Big projects are needed. Within the natural cosmetics industry, they could best be realized together. Thus, the desire was expressed for a natural cosmetics platform that would allow for an exchange of ideas, the joint implementation of new projects and the exertion of influence on major economic and political decisions. It is time for the natural cosmetics industry to find a clear voice and to move from the defensive to the offensive.

Arrival in everyday life

This year's Natural Cosmetics Industry Congress was again a step into the future natural cosmetics era. I hope that the lively exchange after 2 intensive congress days not only reverberated in the ears. My great wish is that understanding will be followed by implementation.

Thank you to the many minds, hands and hearts that brought the Natural Cosmetics Industry Congress to life!

My contribution to "Finally do it now!" is to build Authentic Eco: the portal for certified natural cosmetics that informs, promotes, unites, promotes sustainable sales, offers exchange and provides advice.

Show your colours and be part of it!

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