Protecting the Skin and the Oceans: Certified Natural Cosmetics by Oceanwell

Защита кожи, защита морей и океанов: сертифицированная натуральная косметика от Oceanwell
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Natrue Certified Natural Cosmetics by Oceanwell

[In Collaboration with Oceanwell] What sounds disconnected at first sight is more closely related than we think. For the protection of our skin, the sea already holds many valuable substances. At the same time it needs our protection. The marine natural cosmetics brand Oceanwell, developed by Kiel marine biologists, gives this idea a modern and sustainable design.

NATRUE certified natural cosmetics with highly concentrated marine ingredients, coupled with sustainability and effectiveness, as well as the protection of the oceans: this is the natural cosmetics brand Oceanwell.

Dr. Inez Linke reveals in the following interview why Oceanwell believes a natural cosmetics label naturally belongs to the concept.

Oceanwell - zertifizierte Maritime Naturkosmetik, Basis Linie und Schildkroete
© Oceanwell – NATRUE certified natural cosmetics with highly concentrated marine ingredients


Interview with Dr. Inez Linke on Natural Cosmetics Certification

What was your motivation to get your products certified as natural cosmetics or organic cosmetics?

“Because we developed Oceanwell on the basis of sustainably cultivated marine algae, it was very important to us that the formulations are natural cosmetics compliant. The term “natural cosmetics” is not protected. However, the customer wants to be sure that he only applies natural substances to the skin – his largest organ. Certified natural cosmetics provide this security. “

What values do you associate with the certification?

“A natural cosmetics label ensures controlled quality and the exclusion of potentially irritating ingredients. In addition, the labels are increasingly interested in creating transparency regarding the “other aspects – for example, the packaging and the social aspects to include. “

Since when and with whom are you certified?

“We chose the NATRUE seal from the beginning and were among the first certified products with Oceanwell. We are convinced of this label’s worth because it has the strictest criteria and is international. “

Did your expectations come true?

“Since the launch of Oceanwell 11 years ago, the natural cosmetics market has steadily gained in importance. The three big certification labels have done a lot of work to increase the awareness. Still, there are quite a few customers who wonder if our products contain parabens, silicones or other undesirable ingredients.”

What are your hopes for the future?

“Not only does Oceanwell want to constantly improve its products and become more sustainable, we also see ourselves as ambassadors for the sea as a living space and the responsibility that human beings carry for its care. In addition, we want more cooperation between the individual certifying companies, so that it becomes clearer and easier to understand for the consumer. “

Inez Linke is a biologist and managing director of oceanBASIS GmbH.

Oceanwell - zertifizierte Maritime Naturkosmetik
© Oceanwell – certified maritime natural cosmetics


Oceanwell “Care Now!” – the Intelligent Combination of Innovative Skin Care and Environmental Commitment

Special marine ingredients and sustainably cultivated algae are the heart of the Oceanwell brand. In the in-house, bio-certified seafood farm, the brown algae Saccharina latissima, also known as sugar kelp, is cultivated in the Baltic Sea. The valuable bioactive ingredients of this laminaria algae, such as polyphenols and vitamins, are gently extracted. The marine algae are developed by the marine biologists themselves. The brown algae provide a cocktail of highly efficient active ingredients, which fully unfolds in the natural cosmetics of Oceanwell. Supported by high-quality, natural raw materials such as jojoba, aloe vera and shea butter, it stimulates the skin’s regenerative powers. At the same time, the impact of environmental influences is reduced.

The active substance complex of the Laminaria alga, together with fermented algae extracts as well as natural sea water, forms the basis of all Oceanwell care lines.

Oceanwell Basic

The Basic.Line by Oceanwell offers uncomplicated care for all skin needs. The natural sea freshness lets even sensitive skin breathe again every day.

The Basic Line includes a mild cleansing milk, a refreshing cleansing gel, a gentle cleansing foam and a clarifying scrub. The seawater tonic, a cell-activating marine gel and an uplifting algae active ingredient concentrate provide extra moisture. Moisturizing cream, skincare cream, eye cream, as well as a care lotion, a care oil and a hand nail cream offer a variety of possible combinations for all skin care requirements.

Palmaria oil has been added to the Basic line since 2020. It combines the deep-acting oil extract of the Palmaria red alga with precious vegetable oils from hemp, grape seed and rose hips. Immortelle – the immortal – gives this special face care oil balancing regeneration. A blessing to soothe irritated and impure skin. Pure luxury for demanding skin.

The power of the sea and the natural care substances support and protect the skin individually. This also means that each product can be used alone or in combination with any other product if desired.

Biomarine Cellsupport

The balancing care line from Oceanwell without the addition of fragrances is a treat for sensitive, irritated and problematic skin. Natural seawater and a special laminaria complex strengthen the skin barrier and protect it sustainably. The Cellsupport line can also be used as a treatment adjunct for atopic dermatitis and psoriasis. Depending on your skin’s needs, the individual care can be combined with the following products: a gentle cleansing gel, a restructuring oil, a fine lotion, a moisturizer and a rich nutritional cream.

Oceanwell - zertifizierte Maritime Naturkosmetik Cellsupport Linie
© Oceanwell Biomarine Cellsupport – certified natural cosmetics


OceanCollagen ProAge

Highly pure, oceanic collagen makes this certified natural cosmetics luxury line unique. Important minerals and efficient moisturizers meet the specific needs of skin in need of regeneration, which has matured over time and become richer in experience. The gentle cleansing cream is perfectly complemented by a protective serum, a cell booster elixir and a regenerating intensive cream. This Face Cream won the 2012 SPA Diamond. The basic idea behind the ProAge line is to combine all products in such a way that they optimally meet the skin’s current needs.

The products of all Oceanwell care lines can be combined as needed. For beauty salons, Oceanwell offers the Professional line. By purchasing Oceanwell products, you are supporting the brand committed to and working to protect the climate and the seas. “Care Now!” gives expression to the essence of the natural cosmetics brand: as the intelligent combination of innovative skincare and environmental commitment. And not only that. Care Now! is also a call to engage in conscious marine conservation purchasing decisions – and to take care of them now.

Oceanwell - zertifizierte Maritime Naturkosmetik AgePro
© Oceanwell OceanCollagen ProAge- certified natural cosmetics


“Oceanwell Healthfood” – for beauty from within

The first product of the healthfood line “my Skin-Shield” from the Baltic Sea coast completes the care of the skin from the outside with intensive nutrient supply from the inside. The vitamin-packed coastal kale from Dithmarschen, vitamin E-rich rapeseed oil from the Baltic Sea coast and valuable sea buckthorn from the Altai together provide skin protection and beauty from within. The oil extraction process for using the valuable plant substances is also special! This innovative method of extraction does not require any solvents at all. Environmental friendliness guaranteed!

Oceanwell Skinshield
© Oceanwell – Basis Line my Skin Shield

Packaging – No More Glass, but 100% Recyclable Airless Dispensers

The Oceanwell natural cosmetics products complement their high quality with convincingly sustainable packaging. For example, the polypropylene (PP) airless dispensers are 100% recyclable. They are lighter than the previously used glass bottles and pots. The reduced weight alone saves 80% CO2 during transport. As a special extra, the airless dispensers allow a 98% emptying of residue. The “airless” system additionally protects the product against the ingress of air and germs. Oceanwell is committed to sustainability in all of its corporate structures, from cultivating and extracting marine ingredients, formulations, manufacturing, to packaging and the company’s entire environmental management.

oceanBASIS, the company behind Oceanwell, is part of the “Bio2Pack” network. Together with research institutes, plastics processing industry and users (e.g., cosmetics manufacturers) new and practicable sustainable ideas for packaging solutions are developed. oceanBASIS is also part of the “Blue Bioplastics” working group of the “Biomarine” network, which is supported by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. In this working group, ways to process renewable raw materials from the sea into environmentally friendly bioplastic materials are demonstrated. In the association “Gemeinwohl Wirtschaft eV”, oceanBASIS has been a member since this year.

Oceanwell - zertifizierte Maritime Naturkosmetik, Laminaria Alge
© Oceanwell – certified natural cosmetics


The “Protect the Ocean” campaign

“Protect the Ocean” was created in 2015 by Oceanwell as a long-term campaign to protect the seas. Ten cents from every Oceanwell product sold goes to “Protect the Ocean” projects.

Project 01: Marine turtle conservation project in West Africa

The first project was launched in Côte d’Ivoire to protect sea turtles in the Ivory Coast. Its ambitious mission is to protect, preserve and develop the 14,000 km of coastline from Mauritania to South Africa for the benefit of its people.
Together with the CEM (Conservation des Espèces Marines) association, Oceanwell is working to raise awareness and activate the local population for the protection measures. The focus is on showing people alternatives to survival by collecting turtle eggs and killing the animals.

Oceanwell funds are also used to finance alternative livelihood projects. These include, for example, a motor-driven manioc crusher that helps a women’s project achieve higher sales figures. Oceanwell is also financing the equipment of a 16-man “beach brigade” to protect the turtles with torches, tents and other aids.

The involvement in this project will be continuously expanded and will continue to grow together with the Oceanwell brand.

Oceanwell - zertifizierte Maritime Naturkosmetik, „Protect the Ocean“ Kampagne an der Côte d’Ivoire, Elfenbeinküste
© Oceanwell – „Protect the Ocean“ Kampagne an der Côte d’Ivoire, Elfenbeinküste


Project 02: Recovery of ghost nets from the Baltic Sea

In the context of the campaign “Protect the Ocean” Oceanwell supports the non-profit environmental protection association “One Earth – One Ocean e.V.” since 2020. (OEOO) in the recovery of abandoned fishing nets in the Baltic Sea. For example, the marine researchers set out on a “maritime waste collection” mission with OEOO’s waste collection ship “SeeKuh”. The salvage work planned over the next few years will also be continuously supported with funds from the Oceanwell campaign.
The protection of maritime ecosystems by collecting and recycling environmentally hazardous ghost nets is the core of this project. It is estimated that around 10,000 fishing nets are lost every year in the Baltic Sea. In rare cases of luck, the nets grow over and become a new habitat for some marine life. But very often they turn into a death trap. Over time, the abandoned nets decompose into microplastic particles. The OEOO will assess the nets whose position is known. If they are classified as dangerous to the environment, they are salvaged.

The Scientific Diving Association e.V. Kiel (SDA) has set up a reporting portal for better localisation of ghost nets. This enables water sports enthusiasts and fishermen to report easily found nets and their position.
Oceanwell’s marine researchers are pleased to be able to use the funds from their natural cosmetics brand Oceanwell to support an important project right on their doorstep.

Oceanwell Project Protect the Ocean
© Oceanwell – “Protect the Ocean” campaign ghost nets, Baltic Sea

oceanBASIS – Oceanwell

The certified marine natural cosmetics brand Oceanwell was founded in 2008 by the oceanBASIS GmbH. The experienced marine biologists from oceanBASIS are experts in marine natural products. They research, develop and market oceanic compounds for medical, food, wellness and beauty products. Oceanwell’s awards include “TOP Product of Vivaness”, “Green Giraffe” for far-sighted economy, BSB Innovation Award and SPA Diamond.

Oceanwell Contact and Info

oceanBASIS GmbH
Tiessenkai 12
D- 24159 Kiel
Fon +49(0)431 . 979947-10
Fax +49(0)431 . 979947-11
Mail: service[at]


Oceanwell zertifizierte maritime Naturkosmetik
Oceanwell zertifizierte maritime Naturkosmetik

Here you can download the guide to the best known natural & organic cosmetics standards and sign up to stay up to date with my Authentic Eco News: ”Natural & Organic Cosmetics Label Guide”

Please find an overview of the requirements of the different levels of the individual labels here: Organic Cosmetics Labels – How To Easily Recognise Certified Natural Cosmetics

Do you have any questions? Could you use some support in preparing for certification or setting up your certification process? Please feel free to book an appointment here and let’s talk about it.

Bildcredits: Ozean unter Wasser: Photo by Silas Baisch on Unsplash und
Ozeanwelle Header: Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash, Copyright der weiteren verwendeten Bilder bei Oceanwell.

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