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How pine heartwood extract came into natural cosmetics

...or what irritated skin has to do with the heart of the jaws

The sun is shining, the temperatures are rising and the skin is busy balancing the heat. Sweating eventually throws it out of balance. Dry air from air conditioners doesn't make it any better. And suddenly the skin reacts irritably. It is reddened and particularly stressed areas start to itch... do you know this too?

I feel that way when it's warm outside. I only ever wear watches and bracelets for short periods of time in the summer. The friction on the skin ends with me inevitably with irritated skin. Also mosquito or horsefly bites have the potential to become a full-blown disaster if I don't intervene in time.

For a few years now special helper this intervention in the emergency easier. When this helper is used and what it has to do with the jaw, you will learn in the following section.

Goodbye irritated skin

My Lieblingshelfer is an alcohol-free gel, which is mostly made of pine heartwood water. consists. This gel instantly soothes my skin and brings it back into balance. As soon as I notice the first signs of skin irritation, I apply it. If something has stung me, the skin gel comes into play immediately. If I have an itch on my elbows, feet or head, I apply the gel and after a short time my skin is fine again. I even out particularly stubborn spots by applying the gel several times a day for a few days.

To this welcome effect comes the special fragrance. Every time I apply the gel, I think I'm standing in the forest. Because the gel smells delicately of fresh wood.
I must confess, I know few products that are so uncomplicated, effective, effective and at the same time so versatile. Although, this gel has another sister: the spray. For me, it is a kind of "German tea tree oil". While this description is not entirely accurate, as Pine heartwood extract is not an essential oil. But its origin is also in the forest and the effect is similar.

Both in the spray, as well as in the gel shows the whole power of the Pine heartwood extract.
But how does the extract from the wood get into a skin gel?

How pine heartwood extract found its way into natural cosmetics

The idea of a Pine heartwood extract into a natural cosmetic, came a woodworking company: the Wilms company from Bad Essen in the beautiful Osnabrück region.

My first contact with the inventors of pine kernel extract

I got to know the company Wilms a good 10 years ago at the Vivaness natural cosmetics fair. The company had its stand in the novelties area, far away from the natural cosmetics hall. So I was surprised when I suddenly read "natural cosmetics" next to the beautiful pictures of pine trees. A nice man with big hands greeted me. He told me that he worked in the woodworking industry and natural cosmetics were still new to his company. But they had developed a special extract that had very interesting effects on the skin; the Pine heartwood extract. He explained the production to me as follows.

What exactly is "pine heartwood extract"?

As the name suggests, the base material of the extract is the pine heartwood. The heartwood of the pine is the innermost part of the pine trunk, the heart of the tree, so to speak. This wood has its own texture and also special properties.

An aqueous extract is obtained from this heartwood in a special process. In the process, water is repeatedly passed over the chips of the pine heartwood for several days. In this way, the active ingredients of the wood are gently dissolved in the water. This water, which contains the dissolved active ingredients of the pine heartwood, is called pine heartwood extract.

Pine heartwood extract has amazing antibacterial properties. These are so high that no additives are needed for preservation, including alcohol. This makes the pine heartwood extract an interesting ingredient for natural cosmetics. This extract has a special effect on irritated, restless and dry skin. The scientific evidence for this effect was provided by a study of the University of Greifswald. It was proven that the extract of the pine heartwood Significantly improve skin texture can. It refreshes, soothes and strengthens the skin's own protective barrier. The antibacterial and antiviral properties have also been confirmed in various studies. An overview can be found here:

How Wilms became aware of the special properties of pine heartwood is an amazing story. It shows what we can learn from nature if we start asking.

What does a woodwork bring to your own natural cosmetics?

I asked the nice employee of Wilms Nature at the fair how the company had become aware of the effect of pine heartwood. He smiled and explained the background to me.

Naturally, chips are regularly produced in the wood mill. Wilms sold these to the farmers in the region. The farmers liked to use the fresh chips in their stables. The pine heartwood chips were particularly popular. This surprised the Wilms employees and they asked the farmers why they preferred pine shavings. The answer was surprising: farmers reported that their veterinary costs were lower when they sprinkled pine heartwood shavings in the stalls.

That made Wilms curious. What is good for animals could also be useful for humans. The company began to research pine heartwood. This is how the pine heartwood extract was created. The study of the University of Greifswald confirmed its effectiveness. Wilms Natur patented the extract and the special extraction process. And since then, the pine heartwood water has been on the market for use on humans, animals and plants.

The basis for the own and NATRUE certified natural cosmetics line was laid. Meanwhile Wilms Natur offers a wide range of natural skin care. All products are based on the holistic effect of pine heartwood extract.

From this line come my helpers in need: the soothing skin gels and that soothing skin spray from the precious pine heartwood extract.

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You can find more information and the products of the natural cosmetics line of Wilms Natur on the homepage of Wilms:

The pine gives us much more than just construction wood. Since I know about the special effect of pine heartwood, I don't want to miss it anymore - not even in my skin care. The pine heartwood gel has conquered a permanent place in my basic equipment, right next to the organic tea tree oil.

The power of the pine for our well-being
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