Brand presentation in your individual brand blog post

State clearly your position as company of organic certified cosmetics

Brand presentation for certified organic cosmetics
You want your commitment to organic cosmetics, your values and your work as a sustainable company to be seen. You want your daily commitment to be better understood and appreciated. You want to inspire people who share your commitment towards natural and organic cosmetics. Your customers should buy their products with joy and confidence. Therefore, you have your commitment and your values confirmed by an organic cosmetics label.

What would you say about customers and business partners reaching out to you, because they immediately understand what your brand stands for?

Take the chance and get introduced as a certified organic cosmetics company in your own brand blog post on the Authentic Eco Portal!
Share what the natural & organic cosmetics label means to you, what your company values are and what products you offer. Give readers an insight into your work and your motivation. Increase your visibility and outreach online and in the social media.


Your introduction as a certified natural cosmetics company in the brand blog post

  • Your individual brand blog post is based on four pillars:
    your view of the natural cosmetics certification in the form of a short interview,
  • the presentation of your brand and your commitment towards sustainability
  • information on your certified organic cosmetics products or lines and
  • your contacts, the link to your website and your social media profiles

Creating your brand blog post is complemented by 10 posts on the Authentic Eco social media channels: post and story on Instagram, post and story on Facebook and two posts and one story on Pinterest, posts on Xing, LinkedIn and VK.
For added value to your coverage, your brand’s blogpost translations into English and Russian are included. This ensures your brand presentation is quickly found by the English- and Russian-speaking public.
You prefer up-to-date information on the internet? Me too.
You can update your brand blog post on the basis of an annual subscription. The brand blog post includes the Authentic Eco membership for the current year. Membership is included in the subscription from the following year.

For whom?

A brand blog post is important to you if you work in the field of certified natural or organic cosmetics, especially if you offer your own, certified organic cosmetics products.
However, a brand blogpost could also be important for you if you work as a standard supplier, certifier, contract manufacturer, supplier, service provider, specialist shop or organizer with certified organic cosmetics.


Creating your brand blogpost

  • When you book your brand blog post, you’ll receive a questionnaire. Please take a moment to explain what is important to you in terms of organic cosmetics labels and what you want readers to know. Then mail back the completed questionnaire. From this short interview I develop the first part of your brand blogpost.
  • Before creating your blog post, we can discuss your requests by phone. Please feel free to reserve a free call through the booking system.
  • I will create your brand description based on the information on your website. Supplementary material is appreciated. This includes flyers, your own brand texts and special information, for example on packaging material and your sustainable work. Please also provide me with image material, such as image pictures, logo and product images, even video links.
  • If required, you can book your individual photo shoot for professional imagery separately.
  • Your brand blogpost will be translated into English and Russian.
  • Your brand blogpost will be between 1200 and 1600 words long and will be optimized for search engines (SEO).
  • Once your brand blogpost is published, social media postings will also be created. Additional footage is welcome here as well.
  • The booked date will give you a guide to publishing your brand blogpost and social media postings.
    The final release date depends on the availability of your material (completed interview, telephone conversation, additional information, pictures). As soon as the exact date is fixed, I will inform you. If you would like to link the publication with other advertising measures, we can also arrange a desired date.
  • After posting your brand blogpost, your posts will go online on the Authentic Eco social media channels.

Annual Update of Your Brand Blogpost

  • To keep your Authentic Eco readers up-to-date, your brand blogpost creation will be completed by an annual update after one year of subscription.
  • Receive a message about changes, new product lines, or other important updates 10 months after publishing your brand blog post. Please let me know if anything is new and, if so, what has changed.
  • With the annual message you will also receive an analysis of the performance figures of your brand presentation.
  • 12 months after booking your brand blogpost, your subscription will automatically renew for one year. A cancellation is possible at any time up to 1 month in advance.
  • As long as your subscription continues, your current brand blogpost will stay online.


Brand Blogpost
Brand presentation in German, English and Russian for the duration of 1 year
excl. VAT
  • 7 postings
  • 3 stories
  • at the Authentic Eco social media channels
  • including membership Authentic Eco Community
Annual subscription
for presenting and updating your brand blogpost
excl. VAT
per year
  • 1 year after your brand blogpost booking automatic transition into annual subscription
  • 10 months after creation demand for updates
  • Cancellation possible at any time up to 1 month before the renewal date
  • Renewal and first payment 12 months after the booking of your brand blogpost