Bio Beauty Fair Vivaness 2020 in Nuremberg – World’s Leading Trade Fair for Natural and Organic Cosmetics

Bio Beauty Fair Vivaness 2020 in Nuremberg - World's Leading Trade Fair for Natural and Organic Cosmetics
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Bio Beauty Fair Vivaness 2020 in Nuremberg

The world’s leading trade fair for natural organic cosmetics Vivaness in Nuremberg is good for surprises every year. This year exhibitors and trade visitors alike were enthusiastic about the new, sustainably designed Hall 3C for natural cosmetics. Two hall walls made of glass let the hall flood with daylight. A gallery allows an impressive bird’s eye view of the entire exhibition hall. The hall has received the “Platinum” certificate from the German Sustainable Building Council as the highest possible award. The atmosphere of well-being, openness and lightness offered the perfect canvas for 292 natural cosmetics exhibitors, trade visitors from a wide variety of areas and for the extensive natural cosmetics congress program.

The Organic Trade Fair for Organic Food and the World’s Leading Trade Fair for Natural & Organic Cosmetics Vivaness 2020 in Numbers:

On an area of 57,609 sqm, 3,792 exhibitors from 110 countries presented themselves. In 2020, more than 47,000 trade visitors from 136 countries visited Biofach and Vivaness. 292 natural and organic cosmetics exhibitors presented their offerings in the new 3C exhibition hall.

But natural cosmetics manufacturers were also found in other exhibition halls, such as Provida Organics or the natural cosmetics brand Bioemsan. Only products that are certified according to a recognized natural and organic cosmetics standard are exhibited at the Vivaness world’s leading trade fair for natural cosmetics.

In a few cases, brands are checked for the individual ingredients according to the Vivaness criteria. At the congress affiliated with Biofach and Vivaness, 10,000 participants discussed current topics from the natural food and natural cosmetics industry.

Natural Cosmetics Trends 2020: Newly Designed Packaging Solutions and Innovative Care Solutions

Environmentally riendly packaging solutions – none, less or as sustainable as possible

Packaging waste is one of humanity’s big, current problems. Dr. Bronner presented this very clearly at his booth. The larger-than-life garbage monster made of packaging waste impressed visitors in a threatening manner.

Das Müllmonster von Dr. Bronners auf der Vivaness
Dr. Bronners monster of waste at the Vivaness


Solid cosmetics save packaging

Natural soaps have never completely lost their fascination. But now they’re booming! With no outer packaging in displays or minimal packaging in paper, they are the epitome of sustainable cosmetics. The range of solid natural cosmetics based on surfactants is growing just as impressively. The traditional natural cosmetics and organic manufacturers such as Logona, Sante, Speick or Bioturm offer solid cleansers.

But new brands also score with complete ranges of solid natural cosmetics, such as Officina Naturae. Personal care and solid conditioners complete the selection. Natural cosmetics in tablet and powder form are also very popular. Brands like Eliah Sahil had a hard time years ago with their natural cosmetics in powder form. Now the time has finally come for innovations like this.

Toothbrush powder from Eliah Sahil, toothbrush tablets from Denttabs or Georganics, mouthwash in powder form from Qikfresh usher in a new era. Martina Gebhardt’s Isatis oral care crowns the new developments in this area this year. The new micro cleaning system is based on activated carbon.

Sustainable packaging solutions cause a change in thinking

The topic of sustainable packaging was omnipresent this year at Vivaness. Innovative packaging materials, such as cosmetic tubes made from leftovers of sugar cane processing, support the positive impact on the CO² balance. The same is achieved with the conscious use of recyclable material.

Current technologies also allow more stable and completely new recipes. Dr. Hauck creates an amazing synergy between the product-stabilising properties of the airless pump dispenser made of glass and innovative developments in product formulation. Traditional brands such as CMD natural cosmetics are gradually offering natural cosmetic creams in more environmentally friendly glass jars instead of tubes. More stable recipes make it possible.

The Fairsqared brand is a pioneer for reusable packaging systems for natural cosmetic products. The glass crucibles of the Fairsqared products can be collected and returned for refilling. As a thank you, there is a voucher for the next purchase.

The trend towards large bottlings is striking this year. Large bottles from 500 ml upwards or family packs offer longer times between purchases with less packaging. Natural cosmetics manufacturers such as Bioturm, Farfalla or Cattier are now increasingly offering such options. Brands like Khadi have also picked up on this sensible trend.

Farfalla - Natrue Zertifizierte Naturkosmetik
Farfalla – Natrue Zertifizierte Naturkosmetik


Innovations in natural cosmetics from Eastern Europe and the post-Soviet area

Over the past few years, more and more suppliers from the eastern regions of Europe have found their way to Vivaness, the world’s leading trade fair for natural cosmetics, and the organic trade fair. Certified natural and organic cosmetic brands and suppliers of raw materials from certified organic cultivation were also represented this year in great numbers: Sativa natural cosmetics from Belarus, Mi&Ko and Леврана from the Russian Federation, Myristica and Pura Vida Organic from Croatia, Ilcsi Beautifying Herbs from Hungary, Caucasan from Georgia, Uoga Uoga , You and Oil and Biok laboratorija from Lithuania, Madara and BAD WEATHER from Latvia, Be The Sky Girl from Poland, Hemptouch from Slovenia and Alteya Organics, ARMINA EOOD, Agro Product Ltd. and Zoya Goes Pretty from Bulgaria.

3 highlights of the Vivaness natural cosmetics trade fair 2020 in Nuremberg

Codex Beauty

Codex Beauty combines the idea of clean beauty with the high-quality standards of one of the strictest organic cosmetics certifications: COSMOS Organic. This makes Codex Beauty a guide for organic cosmetics, developed on the basis of the latest scientific technologies. The innovative certified organic cosmetics use the highest possible proportion of ingredients from controlled organic cultivation. It is also manufactured clean for people and the environment. This includes production according to the pharmaceutical standard, regular checks of safety and product performance. Sustainability in all business and production processes and transparency for users are also fundamental.

Codex Beauty sees itself as a global collective of brands, under whose roof various natural cosmetic collections with a particular regional reference should collect in the future. The first brand in the Codex Beauty Collection is the “Bia Collection”. Bia is the creation of an Irish herbal scientist. Here traditional Irish medicinal herbs in organic quality meet the latest green technology. The result is high-quality organic cosmetics in Airless PE containers, made from 80% sugar cane residues.

NCS Zertifizierte Naturkosmetik von CMD & CODEX Beauty COSMOS organic zertifizierte Biokosmetik
NCS certified natural cosmetics from CMD & CODEX Beauty COSMOS organic certified organic cosmetics



The founder of the Ha-Tha brand, Erika Schmidt, has developed a very special type of skin care: organic silk protein care. The cocoons thrown by silkworms have a versatile positive effect on the skin, which Erika Schmidt uses for her innovative idea. The cocoons are put on two fingertips of each hand. Adding a little water to it makes it supple. Afterwards, they are perfect for a gentle massage of the moistened skin. This creates a very delicate peeling effect. At the same time, the silk cone provides the skin with special active ingredients that are naturally contained in the cocoons. The result is soft, soft and very supple skin. The Coccooon products are natural cosmetics certified according to the NC standard.

CMD natural cosmetics with Rügen chalk

The CMD natural cosmetic line with Rügen chalk has long taken a permanent place in the care of sensitive, prone to acne skin and combination skin. The high mineral content and the special composition of the Rügen chalk ensure a good moisture balance of the skin. At the same time, the chalk has a balancing and gently mattifying effect. Anyone who has ever bathed in white chalk water on the Rügen chalk beach knows this incredible effect. This year, CMD is introducing two richer products in the series: the Rügen chalk balm and the Rügen chalk care cream. This way, customers with more demanding combination skin will get their money’s worth. The interesting thing: CMD has developed the rich natural cosmetic care so that the popular matting effect remains.

The Vivaness “Best New Product Awards” for Natural and Organic Cosmetics 2020

The natural cosmetics award for the best new product in 2020 goes to the following natural cosmetic brands:

  • SPEICK natural cosmetics with the “White Soap, Red Soap” in the category facecare and „SPEICK PURE Shampoo“ (haircare)
  • PRIMAVERA LIFE with the “hemp seed oil organic” (special cosmetics / care) and with “PRIMAVERA well-being” in the category “wellness products”
  • BEN and ANNA counts with the “Natural Care shower and shampoo tablets” (body care)
  • LOGOCOS natural cosmetics with the “Fresh Cucumber Volume Mascara ‘black'” (decorative cosmetics)
  • ELIAH SAHIL ORGANIC CARE with the “organic tooth powder ginger and organic tooth oil turmeric” (drugstore products)

A Brief History of the Organic Trade Fair Biofach and the Vivaness World’s Leading Trade Fair for Natural and Organic Cosmetics

In 1990 the world’s leading trade fair for organic food was held for the first time. Natural cosmetics was still part of BIOFACH’s product range 30 years ago. As the supply and demand for natural cosmetics grew steadily, Vivaness was founded in 2007 as a trade fair for natural cosmetics. Since then, the organic trade fair and the Vivaness world’s leading trade fair for natural cosmetics have taken place in parallel.

I have been on the Vivaness regularly for 25 years, either as a trade booth manager or as a trade visitor. This year Vivaness again made it very clear to me how dynamic, refreshing and innovative the natural cosmetics industry is developing. The natural cosmetics trade fair was, is and remains good for positive surprises!

The Vivaness world’s leading trade fair for natural cosmetics 2021 takes place from 17th to 20th February.

Unique Beauty - COSMOS organic Zertifizierte Naturkosmetik aus Dänemark
Unique Beauty – COSMOS organic Zertifizierte Naturkosmetik aus Dänemark


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