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Premium Account to the Permanent Digital Fair for Natural & Organic Cosmetics - including the possibility to apply for a detailed brand introduction for more clarity, visibility, reach

The visibility boost for Companies active in the certified natural and organic cosmetics field, such as brands, certifiers, raw material manufacturers, service providers and suppliers:

Your brand introduction on the info portal in German, English, Russian, French, Italian and Spanish coupled with sophisticated social media marketing and other bonuses!

State clearly your position as a company of organic certified cosmetics!

With your Premium Account to the Digital Fair for Organic Cosmetics

Are you a brand or manufacturer with a natural or organic cosmetics certificate, a service provider with confirmed conformity, a raw material supplier, a standard provider, certifier or in any other way specialized on certified natural and organic cosmetics?
You want more attention, understanding, visibility and wider reach for your company?
The quality of your natural & organic cosmetic products or your service should be recognized immediately and your commitment and credibility as a sustainable company understood by both customers and business partners?
Then the Premium Account to the Digital Fair of Natural & Organic Cosmetics is the right fit for you.

Increase your Visibility - as a Business in Certified Natural and Organic Cosmetics

With your Premium Access to the Permanent Digital Fair of Natural & Organic Cosmetics

Based on 30 years of industry expertise, I present your brand on the Authentic Eco Info Portal:

  • in your brand introduction from 500 to 900 words in length (value: 850 Euro)
  • SEO-optimized (value: 100 Euro)
  • creation in German with translation into Russian, English, French, Italian and Spanish (value: 300 Euro)
  • 20 social media postings per year on the Authentic Eco channels (value: 450 Euro)
  • option to sponsor products for a sweepstake to inspire potential customers (value: 250 Euro)
  • yearly update and presentation of your brand introduction on the Authentic Eco info portal (value: 250 Euro)

The regular costs in your first year are:

  • CREATION of your individual brand introduction SEO optimized and in 6 languages on the public info-portal are:
    1250 Euro
  • Social Postings and Sweepstake: 700 Euro
  • All together: 1950 Euro

The regular costs from the second year on are:

  • for the update of you brand introduction, a sweepstake and 20 Social Postings:
  • All together: 950 Euro

Immediately catch potential customers' eye - be present - and SAVE a HUGE amount now by
subscribing today and applying for your brand introduction for just

420 Euro excl. VAT YEARLY!

Your Individual Brand Introduction Rests on Four Pillars:

Your view of the natural cosmetics certification in the form of a short interview

Let the readers know why you chose a natural or organic cosmetics cetification label and what that means for you! Your answers in the brand blog post interview make your values, your motivation and your commitment tangible.

Information on your certified organic cosmetic products or lines, your offers and services

Immediately catch the eye of potential target customers! I bring 30 years of industry expertise to the creation of your brand blog post.

The well-founded presentation of your brand and your commitment towards sustainability

Future customers as well as regular customers are interested in how you implement sustainability in your business and what your current focus is on. In your brand blog post, I make your commitment tangible and understandable.

Your contacts, the link to your website and your social media profiles

Enthusiastic readers want to know how and where they can reach you. They will find the complete information in the brand blog post: company address and telephone, email, social media profiles, your website, your online shop and other sources of supply.

My Mission:

Make Certified Natural and Organic Cosmetics visible & understood

Label-independent + holistic+ with expertise from both mind and heart. Customers buy the natural & organic cosmetic product, for which they immediately recognize the quality and credibility. Take the chance to be presented in your own brand introduction in 6 languages on the Authentic Eco portal!

Gain your PREMIUM Access to the B2B Pertmanent Digital Fair of Natural & Organic Cosmetics
and apply for your brand introduction today!

How to: the 4 Steps-Process of Our Cooperation

1: Booking of Your PREMIUM Account

You can conveniently book your PREMIUM Account for the B2B-Community here and select the appropriate payment terms.

After the payment procession I get your login details and already can take walk through the internal area and set up first information in your profile.

For the PREMIUM access we also check your activity in the certified natural and organic cosmetics sector. Please provide all needed information.

You can apply for your brand introduction in our form provided after booking. There a 2 places available each month. First comes, first served.

3: Creating of Your Brand Introduction

I (Elke Hockauf, the founder) create your brand description based on 30 years sales and marketing experience in this field, the information on your website and the additional material you provide. This includes up to two correction loops for your blog post. The social media contributions are created in coordination with your brand presentation and the sweepstakes offer.

2: Interview -Materials -Products to Win

After the spot for your brand introduction is confirmed, you will receive a questionnaire about your view of natural cosmetics certification. Please send the completed questionnaires back to me. Your interview is an important part of your brand introduction. You can send flyers, your own brand texts and special information, for example on packaging material or your sustainable work, by email. Please also provide us with image material, such as brand images, logo and product images, or video links, as well as the products that you would like to sponsor for your sweepstake.

4: Publication & Annual Update

You did it! Your brand introduction blogpost goes online coordinated with your sweepstakes offer, the translations and the social media contributions. As long as you have PREMIUM Access your brand introduction remains online and will be updated annually. 1 month before your update date I will contact you with the question about news and changes.


monthly price, billed yearly
35 excl. VAT
  • For ALL business active in the CERTIFIED Natural and Organic Cosmetics Sector

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We would love to hear from you! Sign up for our news here:

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